Your UnMindfulness – The cause towards your greatest harm

Mindfulness Questions 1:

If you are not mindful in driving, what happens?


Accidents happen, that can change your life. You can be subject to a huge loss of money; you can lose a limb and what not. The impact could be the end of your life.

Mindfulness Questions 2:

If you are not mindful in your Job or workplace, what happens?


You cannot do your assigned job properly, you became underproductive, you get devalued in performance evaluation, you get warned, and you will have no chance for promotion.

Mindfulness Questions 3:

If you are not mindful about working in a factory, what happens?


You can slow the entire manufacturing process; you will be warned or removed. You might cause physical harm to yourself and to others if you are not mindful handling the hazardous machines and tools in a factory.

Mindfulness Questions 4:

And when you know that you have a purpose of this life that you were created for, And that is nothing other than to WORSHIP your RABB, your Creator, Allah.

Therefore, if you are not mindful about your Creator, And if you are not mindful about worshipping your Creator, what do you think would happen?


You can’t function properly in anything in your life.

And then you would bring the greatest harm to your life, entering into Jahannam, the Hell and the punishment in Qiyamah, the day of Judgement and the punishment is in Qabr, the grave.

It’s a simple math!

May Allah guide you and me.
May Allah save you and me from punishment! Ameen.

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