Your temporary emotions, do you take over those or do they take over you?


All of your emotions are temporary. Your likeness or dis-likeness, happiness or sadness, Joy or pain, love or hatred, calm or anger nothing remains in its state for a long time, it roles down or climbs up to the next state of emotion and the cycle goes on. Every person, no matter how much luxury he enjoys or how much poor he is, goes through this experience of emotions. Nothing stays in the same place.

Dissecting into your emotions:

How long you can be in a joyful mood? Not for long. You enjoy happiness by being joyful, but soon you get exhausted and go back to your normal state.
When you are really sad, how long you can remain in that state for? Quite long, right? In fact, you try your best to remain in that sad mood for as long as possible. You enjoy it and you feel a sense of luxury in being in your own-self. You nurture that luxury consciously. In fact, you love it so much that the mood of sadness remains with you longer than any other emotions which you only let go slowly as the night approaches the day or the day approaches to the night. Did you notice that? If not, watch yourself, your own behaviour, you can assess your personality. But finally, no matter how much you love to be in that state, it ends.
And in case you want to disperse it through tears, even that state of emotion lasts the smallest amount of time. Even if you feel like sitting by the ocean and squeezing out all your body as tears and flow it to the ocean, or if you want to cry through the entire night, you can’t do it. You don’t have that much energy in your body to retain that emotion for such a long time.
If you are remorseful, how long you can stay in that state? A very short time.
When you are resented or annoyed, it doesn’t stay in place at all. It turns into disliking, hatred, and anger and then you explode that anger in a shout or swallow it up silently, one way or another. Then you return back to the next state of emotion, calmness. That’s how the cycle of emotions repeats.


Now, how do you benefit by noticing and defining these limitations of being human? Not much unless you really give it a thought by yourself in order to stand out of the flow consciously and forcefully. Yes! That’s the ability you could achieve, stand out from the crowd. Because this should give you the ability to see things out of the sphere.
And then you might stop thinking and desiring something that is unnecessary or even harmful. You would be able to take control of your wants and not fall into the hands of your desire to control you. Does that make sense?

Stand out from the crowd:

Let me give one example as to how you can benefit yourself from this understanding of psychological self-control. Do you see how much effort and desire some people spend for just having a coffee or a cigarette? Do they not see how much they are controlled by their desire?
If you are one of those who cannot go without a cup of tea or coffee or the harmful habit of cigarette then try this as a trial and testing of your ability to control your one habit or get rid of slavery of your habit (yes, when you cannot control it rather the desire controls you, you actually become a slave of your desire, and when you become slave to something you make that as your ‘God‘)
Get a psychological advantage, you can always suggest yourself “Hey, this will finish anyway” and when you can become strong on this you can see how that changes your life. You won’t rush for your own self or to have things and once you can achieve this quality, you will find how that makes people around you to love you.
You might derive the wisdom of being patient and tolerant and endure a sacrifice.
You might stop having all only for yourself
You might save yourself from getting angry because you didn’t get the desired service.
You might be able to forgive someone.
You might stop wasting time if you use this attitude to be vigilant about all of your emotions.
You might bear little more pain and endure sickness a little more so that the life of the people around you would be a little easier.
You might one day overcome your laziness.
You won’t let your desire control you.
and so on
I wish I can give at least one example for all the types of emotions, that if you become vigilant, can turn a situation to bring so much benefit to your life. But that will make this article longer, therefore,  I let you think yourself.


Please do not use it for wrong purposes and wrong places. You don’t control your desire to achieve perfection and desire for better in all that which is good. This is to do with the unnecessary things, harmful things, laziness, habits etc.
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