Your Superiority and Inferiority Complex, your very human nature, is a passage to find your Creator!

Know Your Limitations:

You have a friend with a respectful relation which has developed by respecting his ability, therefore, learning something from him becomes easy, there’s no itching on your ego.

You have a friend that you love or have an affectionate relation, he wants to teach you something, you take it easy, no wave develops around your ego.

You have a regular friend, who wants to teach you something and he delivers it to you very presentable way, you learn from him easily, your ego is untouched.

Now, put a ‘friend’ who you do not have respect, neither you love him nor you liked his presentation, how would you find yourself, taking the lesson from him?
No way!
Even if the topic is very important, even if he is the only person skilled to talk about that, nothing matters at all, your ego bumps up, your superiority complex won’t let you learn from him and you won’t just stop there, you will find the flaws in everything he does. You still try to overpower him by placing embarrassing questions only to highlight your presence!
Sound familiar?
Did you find yourself in that situation ever?

Then, put another friend, who you find teaching something, with whom you never had a respectable relation but he is skilled, eloquent and full of boasting of what he does.
He goes over the top, he even doesn’t lay his eyes on you properly.
Your inferiority complex crawled in and enveloped your ego, you deny to learn from him, you choose to remain ignorant but do not want to give credit to him what he deserves, lest you become little to him.
Does that sound familiar too?
Did you find yourself in that situation ever? 

The point is, lowering your wing to someone equal or around your ability is very hard, this is human nature. It is only love, affection, respect, amazement, power, strength that make people humble to someone or something. Human nature is such that human submits unconditionally to someone who is much superior to him.

Know Your Creator:

And that’s where the magnificence of the Creator comes in.
You know that some people want to see a straight sensible evidence (understandable by the sixth senses) to believe in ‘God’ but they don’t realize that they will go further away from belief if somehow something of ‘God’ becomes a sensible evident to them because the moment ‘God’ shows a sensible evident they would find this ‘God’ doesn’t seem ‘magnificent’ like before, not inconceivable any more, to whom they can submit.

Is it a Question or Your EGO?

Did you see some people question, “Why did a Creator create this magnificent universe?”
Only He knows.
Maybe one day, the last of the humans will be able to swim in the space with a turbo engine attached to his body and if that happens, He, the Creator even made the arrangement for such advanced human yet to be amazed by the magnificence of the universe because, even if the human race one day could travel through galaxies, they won’t be able to reach to the end of this universe!
And that advance human being might find a reason to submit to its Creator by the amazement of the creations! That’s how merciful is your Creator to mankind!

Your Creator is so merciful that he wants the last of the advanced mankind to submit to him willingly.

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