Your Record Book – Part 2; The Seconds Sheets


I hope you have read the first part of the topic ‘Seconds Sheets’
Did you get the importance of one second?
Did you realize it, really?
If you do, only then read the following part as we will take you to an imagination of a day in which you will literally see how these Seconds impact you towards an ultimate pleasure or an ultimate loss of yours.


So, let’s take a journey to Imagine something profound.
So, you know, whatever you are doing in each second, is getting written.
Imagine, in each SECOND you are producing a SHEET of paper.
Therefore in each second, either you produce a SHEET of a Good Deed or Bad Deed or NO DEED at all.
Let’s imagine,

  • A GOOD deed as GREEN sheet,
  • A BAD deed as RED sheet and
  • NO DEED as a BLANK sheet, therefore, let’s call the blank sheet as a BLACK sheet.

These sheets are added in a spiral book. 
(Your record book which will be handed over to you on the Qiyamah) 

[“It will be said], “Read your Record. Sufficient is yourself against you this Day as accountant”
(Al-Quran 17:14)

Then as for he who is given his record in his right hand, He will be judged with an easy account”
“.And return to his people in happiness
But as for he who is given his record behind his back, He will cry out for destruction And [enter to] burn in a Blaze.”

O my brother, did you get the picture?
Were you able to visualize the sceene that these Ayat tell you?

So, how are you filling your Seconds Sheets?

Now let’s see how you are filling your Record Sheets.
You already know that one Malaikah writing GOOD deeds and another is writing BAD deeds.
But do you always do a Bad or Good Deed only?

Let me clear this to you with a practical scenario.
You are waiting in a doctor’s chamber for an hour.
Tell me are you doing a good or bad deed? Or actually ‘NO deed’?
When you are in sleep, are you doing any good deed or bad deed?
Which Malaikah is writing those ‘NO deed’ (the blank/ BLACK sheets) in your ‘Second Sheets’?
There’s no third Malaikah, no neutral acts. Deeds or acts are either Good or Bad.

Do you understand this what you just read?
Did you also understand from the Hadith that you will regret not remembering Allah while sitting or lying? (Sunan Abu Dawud 5059 (Hasan)
Did you understand now that for each BLACK SHEETS (the Second Sheets that produce no Good Deed) will be a regret for you on the day of Qiyamah?

Which Color Sheet did you produce in the last Second?

Now, you know how each Seconds of your life has a value.
You don’t pass a SECOND but it is treated either as a GOOD deed or as a BAD deed.
You don’t pass a SECOND but you are producing either a GREEN or a RED or a BLACK sheet.

In the Quranic language it is the following:

“So whoever does an atom’s weight of good will see it, And whoever does an atom’s weight of evil will see it.”

(Al-Quranul Kareem 99:7-8)

Imagine the Day – Imagine hard to benefit Yourself:

Now, you Imagine and calculate.
On the day of Judgement, the court is set, the judge is in his place, the witnesses are present, the evidence is brought. There are many cases against you, each case file is ready to produce for judgement.
Your book is on display, a book of 40 millions of pages, there are Greens, there are Reds which seem to be equal in quantity but there seem a lot of Black Sheets which are more than the coloured ones. Had those BLACK sheets (NO DEEDS) would have turned to Green Sheets your case would have been like water-easy.
What do you think would be your reaction on that day, you believe in that day, right?

Let me place an Ayah of the Quran here. (Al Quran 74:42-45)
Those who are thrown into the fire, they confess something profound, they confess the reason which brought them into the Fire.
Do you know what is that reason?
Do you know why they are ended in Jahannam?

Simply for 2 things:
(1) Not praying Salat.
(2) Wasting of Time. 
Do all these add up to something?


Being Muslim You know about this.
That your deeds will weigh upon on the scale.
And if the Bad Deeds get heavier than the Good Deeds then you will be in Jahannam. 

“Then as for one whose scales are heavy [with good deeds], He will be in a pleasant life.
But as for one whose scales are light, His refuge will be an abyss.
And what can make you know what that is? It is a Fire, intensely hot.”

(Al-Quranul Majeed 101:6-11)

May Allah save you and me from Jahannam.

Zoom Out and look back to your Seconds:

You still have a breath.
Won’t you like to take control of your Seconds?
Let’s organise and do an accounting of your Seconds.
Let’s see on a daily basis, what colour Sheets you produce in how many Seconds.
How many Seconds are there in a day?
24 hours X 60 minutes X 60 seconds = 86,400 seconds a day!
How many breaths do you take in a day?

Let’s now calculate your Basic use of time: 

  1. How many hours do you sleep? 5-8 hours,
  2. How long time you spend in the toilet? 1-hour minimum. Many of you more than that. I ask you to calculate those timing so that you get an idea of the valuable time of your life that you spend in the toilet.
  3. How long time you take for bathing? Time yourself and see. 15 minutes to 30 minutes or more (ridiculously!)?
  4. How long time in total you take to eat daily? Between 1 hour to 2 hours.

In average you take 7 to 10 hours time for just maintaining your body machine, the basic want of your body (sleeping, eating, relieving, cleaning) And you can’t help about it but only try to reduce times.
But then you take unnecessary times for beautifying yourselves (choosing your dress, maintaining your laundry etc.)
And then you go to school or work to earn your means to feed your stomach. (Isn’t that what we supposed to work for?) How many hours that takes from you? 8 to 16 hours average.

Let’s note your Activities, Calculate your Seconds:

Did you get an account of your Seconds? Here it is:

7-10 Hours:
You spend 7 to 10 hours in total to manage your body organs for necessity.
And you RABB didn’t command you for any active Ebadah in those times.
Except that your Rasul Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam has shown you the ways as to how you can turn those seconds into Ebadah.
Do you live by following those ways?
Do you follow the Islamic Way of Life?
Or your life is weaved by the system set by the Kuffar!
Do you live by the ‘Way of Life’ prescribed by the Kuffar?
And Would you take the opportunity to turn those seconds into Green and save yourself from the regret on the Day of the Qiyamah?
And how can you turn those times into the Green Sheets?

8-16 Hours:

Then you spend another 8 to 16 hours to maintain your livelyhood, actually stomach.
And that’s again a necessity.
But how far you gone from mainting the the basic want to luxury living!
How far you gone from fullfiling your stomach to secure (!) your future!
And do you do any active Ebadah during those times?
And how can you turn those times into the Green Sheets?

4-10 Hours:

And then how many hours left after those necessities? 
Ask yourself what do you do in those seconds?
How do you spend those times?
By unnecessary endless socializing?
By going with the flow of the time?
By going with the time, environment and society you are placed in?

What’s Your Way of Life? Who’s Deen do You Follow?

Let me ask you,
You were born today, in an environment set by the Kuffar.
And a person born in an Islamic environment 100 years before.
Would there be a different scale for you and him?
Would your account be different as because you born in an environment set by the Kuffar?
Or would you be judged on the same scale a Muslim was born 200 years or 500 years before in an Islamic environment?

See, how do your seconds are gone by because of the Kuffar’s environment?
Kuffar set an environment of endless entertainment and you are spending your millions of seconds in it.
Kuffar set an environment of endless sports and they name it this and that around the year and you let that run through your blood in millions of seconds.
Kuffar set an environment of endless adultery in your fingertips and you are spending your millions of seconds in it.
Kuffar set an environment of Music and you breathe millions of seconds in it.
Kuffar set tremendous a tool, the Camera for you to waste of your time and you spend millions of times for using Cameras.
Ah! How could ‘live a life in its fullest’ by whatever the Kuffar offer you.
And you believe you in the Day of Qiyamah!
Ah! How ridiculous it is that your life styles are same as those who doesn’t belive in the Qiyamah!

Isn’t Yet Time to Take Control of Your Time?

What does this mean to you?
That’s the meaning of the Hadith, that’s how you are going to regret on that day.
Ah! What did I do! Had those Black sheet become the Green?
Ah! Is there a chance I can go back and turn those Seconds into the GREEN Sheets?
Ah! Had I not pass those Seconds listening to Music!
Ah! Had I not pass those Seconds watching the sports!
Ah! Had I not pass those Seconds talking photos, videos and wasting those Seconds!
Ah! Had I not pass those Seconds watching Cinema, drama, unnecessary news, and so on and wasting those Seconds!

I ask Allah to save you and me from the remorse of that day.
I ask Allah to guide you and me before He takes the breath away.

Would you like to turn your Black Sheets into Green?
Would you like your Scale to be heavy?
And how do you do it? 
We will In Shaa Allah give you a TOOL to turn the Black Sheets into Greens, Bi-Iznillah! 
Would you like to Take a Step today?
Would you like to Better Yourself?

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