Your Record Book – Part 1; The Recording of Each Second

A Second and its worth:

Did you ever happen to notice the worth of a second?
Many people do. And you never know when you too realise the importance of ONE second in your life.
Today, I will try to take you to a journey to get to know the details of a second, In Shaa Allah, Biznillah.

The SECONDS of your life:

What do you expect of your lifetime?
You won’t wish to live 80 years over and become a burden on your family.
In fact, what’s the point of living beyond that when you can’t eat what you want, you can’t enjoy what you want, most of the times you have to spend eating liquid food and sitting on the couch or leaning on your bed and just going out only to doctors and hospitals. By the way, I am only describing the reality with no disregard whatsoever but only with empathy for the people of that age. In fact, their existence is a trail from Allah to bring goodness in for their families and to others. Yet, I seek refuge with Allah from sending me to that age as my Sayyid (Master), Rasulullah Salla Allahu Alaihi Wa Sallam himself made the same Dua.

“Allahumma inni Aujubika Min An Arudda Ela Arjalil Umur”
(O Allah, I seek refuge with you from returning me to the feeble old age, Saheeh Bukhari).

So, let’s limit your life within 80 years of time.
How many days that makeup to?
80 X 365 = 29,200 days.
How many hours that makes?
29200 X 24 = 700,800 Hours.
How many seconds that make?
700,800 X 60 = 42,000,000 (42 Million Seconds)
If you somehow experienced a death of someone around 80 years old, he just lived 42 millions of seconds.

Understanding the POWER of ONE second: Life or Death:

Have you ever been present beside a dying person?
He is taking a breath in each second and then his breath stops. The last breath was just there in the last second. Had he been able to take another breath he would have continued to the next second or had he been able to live another second he could have taken another breath.

So, the difference between life and death is just a breath which takes just one second. In other ways of seeing it is that the absence of life could be measured by one second. He was alive just in the previous second and he is dead now in the next second.

Death is the difference of a breath that just takes only ONE second. or you can say like, ‘the difference between life and death is just one second’.

Know The WORTH of ONE second:

Now, what can you accomplish in just one second?
In that one second, you can say
or ‘Subhanallahi wa Bihamdihi‘ (Saheeh Muslim 4/2071)
or ‘SubhanAllahi Wa Bihamdihi SubhanAllahi Al-Adeem’ ( Jami` at-Tirmidhi 3467).
In fact, this Tasbeah weighs more heavily in the scale ( Jami` at-Tirmidhi 3467)
or you can say “La Ilaha Illa Allah” because it fills the earth and the heaven and whatever in between them. That’s the power of one second that you can accomplish.

The greatest Tasbeah for any time for every time, for anywhere for everywhere!

The Fact:

In fact, the Malaikah’s Tasbeah is “Subhanallahi wa Bihamdihi” all the time.

These are the creations of Allah, Al-Khaliq.
All things He created in the heavens (universe) and in the earth worship Him as the way He programmed (instructed) them (Al-Quran 17:44). They are made slave with no ability to disobey.

But we humans were created in the best moulding (Al-Quran 95:4), with the enormous devices called the brain and the heart. And that’s where we are given the honor to choose to be slave of Allah willingly and not by force. The reason being our brain has the ability to be overwhelmed by the grandeur of the creator (and we really do) which supposed to make us submit and humble ourselves before that magnificent creator as those other creations do.

Therefore, we suppose to do the same worship (making Tasbeah) consciously, consistently which the Malaikah are doing as a built-in program.

The human being and an Analogy:

Now, imagine yourself a programmer of robots and you are making different types of robots for different purposes. Their shapes, sizes, functions are different but one thing is common to all which is, you programmed them to digitally display your name on their head with beeps in every second. All of these robots beep your name automatically, every robot knows who they belong to, what’s their purpose by looking or noticing the beeps.

Then you thought to made few extra-ordinary robots. You call it, super Intelligent robots. And you made them for the same purpose as those other robots. But as for these extraordinary robots, you equip them with the ability of self-programming of themselves (as you know what scientists are trying to do with Super Artificial Intelligence).

And having given that extra-ordinary power to understand themselves, you wanted to test them if these robots can willingly admit you as their manufacturer, as their creator while you equip them with the ability to recognize you. Once they recognize you, you want them to display your name with the same manner on their head like all other regular programmed robots.

The purpose of creating them is the same. Beeping and displaying your name in each second on their head. The regular robots display your name because you programmed them but you expect these extraordinary ones should display your name after recognizing you.

The Hadith, the evidence:

Does it say something? Does it give some indications?

And then the Hadith says,
Not remembering Allah while Sitting and Lying down regrets on Qiyamah. (Sunan Abu Dawud 4856)
Meaning, an hour goes by and you didn’t do Zikr of Allah, you will regret on Qiyamah.
Meaning, you walking down the street and you didn’t do Zikr of Allah, you will regret on Qiyamah,
Sitting in a gathering but didn’t remember Allah, you will regret on Qiyamah. (Tirmidhi 3380)

The RECORDING in each second:

First, let’s understand your involvement in the organisation of ONE second.
Your deeds (actions) are being recorded by two Malaikah. (Al-Quran82:10-12)
One is writing good deeds (actions) another is bad deeds (actions), right?
You know these info. But let me take you to little deeper into this phenomena.

How do you produce your actions? By your eyes, fingers, hands, feet, thoughts, feelings, right?
Aren’t they doing something in every second? Therefore, would you not get this into your mind that:
Every look of your eyes is recorded.
Every word of your tongue is recorded.
Every move of your finger is recorded.
Every step of your feet is recorded.
Every thought in your mind in each mili-second is recorded.
Every feeling of your heart is recorded.
Thus you can say,
Every SECOND of your life is recorded,
Every BREATH of your life is recorded. (Al-Quran 99:7-8)

Did you get that? Does this info has an impact on you? But this is not finished yet.
(SubhanAllah, never thought these details, it’s scary).
You will be astonished knowing the fact that one of our scholars was so concerned of these recordings that he was careful even for making any unusual noise coming out from his throat. SubhanAllah!

How do you connect yourself with this info?

That’s for part 2 In Shaa Allah!

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