Your psychological state of mind – how alien from reality!

Did you notice, how often you are so much in a false psychological state of mind?

Let me point you one today.


When you are in a full stomach, does it feel like you are filled forever?

And you feel like hunger is a matter far alien to that state?

Did you feel like you won’t need any food for a few days?


And then look at the other state,

in few hours time when you get hungry and it gets severe, you feel like you can eat everything

and this hunger seems like it is a permanent state,

you even feel like you have never been filled your stomach before.

Sound familiar?


The point is, you exaggerate.

You live in so much in your current, false state of mind

and you call it “Living in the moment”.

Thus when you feel pleasure or comfort,

you enter into a false psychological state that this pleasure is going to be permanent,

that you don’t need to worry about the discomfort or displeasure ever, you will be fine, life will go like this forever.

Such is the false psychological state of mind that you live your life with.

Therefore, you take life so easy.

You don’t think the fact that this body of yours won’t obey you one day,

you won’t be able to move a finger even.


On the other hand,

when you experience sufferings, difficulties, you go with the same false psychological state of mind.

You forget the reality that it is just for a limited time.

But no, you lose patience and you feel scared,

fear grabs your whole existence

and you exaggerate your situation again.


So, what’s the benefit knowing and recognizing this?


Firstly, to admit, that yes, you go through many psychological states which is false.

Secondly, to understand a simple math that since the state of mind is responsible for many real-life decisions,

therefore, a decision based on an exaggeration of your situation (clearly a false mindset) could bring more falsehood in your life.

Then Thirdly, if you pause and really give it a thought

then you might hold yourself from being unrealistic about your any state

and you might look at things subjectively

and make a proper decision about your life.

and Fourthly, think and give importance to the real permanent state of life.


And what is that permanent state of life?

Look at people of different stages and state,

the one having good health, going to a gym, having a fresh body and mind,

he thinks this is how his life will continue forever,

he will never get old,

really there are people with this mindset.

I heard from their own mouth that they never thought that life could come to a different state one day.

So, only after they have fallen from the states, which they thought were permanent,

they realized none of their states was actually permanent at all.

Therefore, the reality is,

whatever state you are in, that is temporary

the only permanent state is death,

you end up in that state.


Now let me put it in a different perspective.

Your creator, if you believe in, otherwise, as you call it ‘nature’,

has given you many signs to teach you this reality

and warn you to be conscious of this false state of mind.

One such example is:

You see a bright sunny day, comfortable weather

but within a few minutes or an hour that bright day becomes like a dark night.


As if your creator is warning you,

“What are you doing, O Mankind?

“Don’t you see how quickly I can make a bright day into a dark night?”

“Then, why don’t you think?”

“Why don’t you think, your good health, your good fortune, your comfort, your luxury can’t be a permanent state?”

“Don’t you see a 80-year-old person? Wasn’t that person once in your age and had good health like your’s?”

“So, why don’t you think?”

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