Your MIND engages with the PRESENT moment even if it is NOT WORTHY of your time

You attended a lecture or a seminar, you knew something, you committed yourself to a plan to learn something and you get attached to that. You are following that for a few days but then new things came, without even realising you get deviated from your earlier commitment. You started another thing. Soon you get totally detached with your earlier commitment and engaged with another new thing that keeps attracting you. Does it seem familiar to you?

Human gets so attached to their current environment and situation. Whatever it is. Say, you have a routine to follow, you have it in front of your table. But then you started your pc, you just thought just to have a glance on facebook and you know what happens. There is always something that would catch your attention, something worthy, you get engaged in it. It’s not just only facebook, you open a news site, there is something, you just wanted to have a glance, this is not bad, you need the news to update yourself. But what happens, there will be something that caught your attention and you follow through, that takes your time!

This is human being, so much caught by the present situation. Even sometimes, you sit on the sofa, there is nothing to watch on tv but tv is on, and whatever it is, your eyes get stuck on it and your mind engaged in it. Even you don’t like it, you are lazy to change the channel so you let it go, you will find your mind engaged in. I will give you another example so you will really understand what I am talking about and you will understand how our mind works.

Sometimes, you are not on tv, not on pc, you have no mobile in your hand to see messages, no magazine in front of you, no flyer, advertisement in your hand, you are just a raw natural person, no add-ons around, you are just a natural human being, guess what happens. You just look at the earth below your feet and you see some ants and your mind engaged with it and you started enjoying it. Does this seem familiar to you?

Believe me, this is what human minds are. Unless you watch out what you doing, everything around you will start taking your time. Because Our mind engages in new things always. And most seriously, our mind engages with the present situation always. And the mind is always doing something.

If you think you need to have control over your time; just get yourself used to do one thing; ask yourself, “does this benefits me?” “What am I doing?” Then stop, disengaged and think; “I am worthy than this. My minds and brains are much more worth than this, My brains and my minds must have a better purpose than this.”

Know your limitations and overcome it. It’s just that easy. See the results, this one thing might change your course of life, make you a person what you deserve to be. If that happens just drop me one email, I would like to know where you find the purpose of your life.

Share, if there's benefit in it. Dawah benefits YOU!
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