Evolution: A mockery to human intellect – Part 2. Your electrifying BRAIN, do you NEED it all?

You have something In your mind. You are trying to write it. Can you do it all? The answer is “No”. Can you try to say it, exactly as in your mind? No!
You might say “Writers are special people they can write whatever comes in their mind” or you might say, “If I get trained I can do that too”. No, not quite.  You can check with professional writers, “Can you write exactly what comes into your mind?” No, not at all.
You have something in your mind, you thought a structure of how to say it but did you notice that it got changed while you are talking?
Why is that? Only because mind goes on electrifying speed and that’s attributed to none other than the organ called ‘brain’.
And then do you think someone writes something and you can understand it all about the issue he/she wanted to write? And then do you think someone talking to you could express himself/herself of what’s in his/her their mind?
That’s what I wanted to let you think for now!
But something else gets electrified into my mind while I was writing this. Therefore, an additional drop into the ocean of thoughtfulness:
What is this organ I was writing with? Was it the brain? Where did we get it from? How did we get it? And why do we get it? Evolution? If we get something in the process of evolution then how come we got into something that even we don’t understand fully and neither we can use it all nor we even need it all (for many people, right?)
The basis of evolution is three things, you know this, right?
and Resources
Therefore, why did such an organ evolved which many of us
do not need,
do not use,
do not understand?
Evolution. A mockery to human intellect!
Its Simple Math!
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