Your ability to imagine – inherited or acquired?

Do you see some people are very good at imagining fantasy?
Do you see some people are very good at imagining the unseen?
Do you see some writers are very good at writing the fictitious stories?
Do you wonder how do they do it?
Did you ever try to do that by yourself?

Is imagination an inherited ability?
Is there a way to learn to imagine?
Can someone really teach you to imagine?
How do you learn to imagine?

To be good at imagination, you need to practice imagination.
How does that sound?
Do you wonder what’s there to practice imagination?

Well, there is a particular kind of imagination that you need to practice to be able to imagine the fantasy, to imagine the unseen.
Unless you’re good at that particular kind, it is hard to get to the imagination of fantasy and unseen.
So, what’s the kind of imagination that unless you are good at, you can’t be good at imagining fantasy?
It is imagining reality.
The first step towards imagining fantasy is to imagine REALITY.

So what is the reality?
How do you imagine the reality?

Well, look at your body. Hundreds and thousands of activities are going on under your skin.
You know it, you see it, the science and the technology enable you to witness that reality.

Take your blood. Even some of you can see some blood veins over the skin.
Is it too hard to imagine the blood flow?
It is happening right now under your skin!
What if you had a transparent skin?

Then imagine the activities of your digestive system.
You eat a nice looking food. In fact how much time and money you spent to make it look good.
But as soon as it goes below your throat, it starts doing its own functions.
Imagine colourful food is becoming a paste and moving through your organs.

And in it, itself is mercy and favour from your creator!
What if he made the digestive system visible to you?
What if he made your intestine visible to you and to others?
Can you just imagine the impact?
How would a person sit beside you while the filth of your bowel and bladder are visible to him?
And yet you aren’t grateful to your creator for His favours?

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