You think you’ve FREEDOM! Once your WISDOM has NO WORTH to you!

Do you think you own yourself, your life? What do you think about the wisdom of being getting old? Did you notice your knowledge becomes no use to you at a certain (senile) old age?

Is that what you think left of you after you had “made the mark”? Is that what you think left of you after you are “leaving a legacy”?

But you know at the core of your heart, how you became from ‘something’ to just nothing, don’t you?

Once the knowledge that gave you dignity and worth, only the one thing that makes you human, a dignified being among all the living creatures, today that one thing also means nothing to you.

You are vulnerable at its highest, you can understand that through human comprehension.

And then how many more sign your creator need to give you in order for you to understand that you are nothing, you’ve no freedom at all?

So, why don’t you think?

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