You think you’ve FREEDOM! You have NO CONTROL over your existence

“It’s My Life.” “It’s My Freedom.”


You did not come into this world at your own will

You did not choose your parents at your own will

You did not choose the place (or country as you call it) at your own will (you could have born in a war-prone country or a poorest one)

You did not choose the era (the time line) in which you were born. You could’ve been born 2000 years ago or 100 years from now.

You have no choice of the time of your existence.

And you will not leave this world at your own will.

Therefore, Your birth, you birth place, your death, your death place, your parents, your family, your life time nor your time line, you had no choice, no control or no authority whatsoever on these most important things encompassing your life. and that’s just the beginning!

And you think you’ve freedom!
Ah Human!

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