You think you’ve FREEDOM! You DIDN’T EARN it, nor did you choose it!

Do you have freedom in darkness?
Then what gives you the freedom to move?
        The light.
Where the light comes from?
       The Sun.
Did you have any input in the creation of the Sun?
So who gave you the freedom?
       The Sun.
Then who created the Sun!
        Nobody! Nothing!
You are not worthy of this conversation buddy! This conversation is meant to be with only humans!
        Are you insulting me?
No! I am just pointing out your status! A human is the one who uses reason! That’s what makes him human! You don’t have that.
        What do you mean?
                  It doesn’t go with the human reasoning to say, “there’s NOBODY’ or ‘NOTHING’ created the Sun”.
How do you say that? We understand something out of the knowledge we acquire. And we have no knowledge about who or what being the creator of the Sun!
        Where you get your knowledge from?
What science tells you? Does science tell you that ‘nobody’ created the Sun? Does science tell you that ‘nothing’ responsible behind the existence of the Sun?
         No, it says, it caused by an explosion.
Who or what caused the explosion!
         We don’t know!
So, how come you claim that ‘nobody’ created it or ‘nothing caused it?
         Because we don’t know it for sure!
Has science attained the ultimate knowledge of the universe?
How much it knows about the universe?
         Merely 5% or less.
So, do you take any decision with a 5% knowledge of something physical in front of you, where 95% of it is alien, unknown?
(Note: it’s not a statistical decision where 5% is taken as a sample from the same types of things to propose a conclusion )
So, how come you are decisively saying there’s ‘nothing’ responsible for the Sun?
        There could be something!
Now you are talking like humans! “There could be something”. So, let’s come back to the conversation again!
Who created the Sun?
        Something caused it.

So, does it mean that something out there is responsible for your freedom?

        Seems so!
So whatever freedom you’re given (in the light), you didn’t earn your freedom, nor did you choose it, right?
        That’s true!
You’re just given that freedom.
It’s a Simple Math!
So, what makes you so much proud, freedom in what?
Your freedom is nothing but freedom of following your desire only!
And that ‘something’, is your creator, who has given that freedom to you to test you if you can control that desire willingly!
So that He can honour you and bring you back to the honoured place, Al-Jannah, The Paradise, where only the honoured ones go back, where only the honoured ones fulfil their desire!
That’s where you get ultimate freedom!

وَأَمَّا مَنْ خَافَ مَقَامَ رَبِّهِ وَنَهَى النَّفْسَ عَنِ الْهَوَىٰ

But as for he who feared STANDING before his RABB and prevented his NAFS (the soul) from the (prohibited) DESIRE,



فَإِنَّ الْجَنَّةَ هِيَ الْمَأْوَىٰ

Then indeed, Paradise will be [his] refuge.
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