You think you’ve FREEDOM! Yeah! Freedom to cause The Ending of Humanity!

What’s your problem with Gay? It’s their choice. You should respect freedom of choice. Besides, they don’t harm you!

My problem is simple, it is Haram in Islam and punishable by death.

But that’s your belief. Why do you impose your belief on someone else? Doesn’t your religion allow freedom of choice?

Yes, it does, in the aspect of belief.

Then? Why does Islam prohibited this and punish by death.

Well, let’s not misunderstand what is meant by ‘freedom of choice’ in Islam. It’s about your choice whether you believe in Islam or not. But you have to live by its law when you live in a country under a Islamic system.

How does it make sense that I don’t believe in something but I have to live by its law? Sounds contradicting.

Let me clear that to you. You understood Islam as what you understood by other ‘religion’. Unlike other ‘religion’ Islam is not only for religious rituals but for everything in life. Islam is a LAW. It has set laws for everything you do. It encompasses all aspects of human life whether it is personal, private, family, society, state, finance, tax, economy, law, what not. So, even you don’t believe in it but when it comes to the other aspects, you have to abide by it.

But you don’t have any country that follows Islamic law and this is not an Islamic country, so you better follow the law of this country because you are living under this law which allows and legalize this.

Well, I can’t do that. This law is contradicting to my belief.

Thing is, we don’t want you to accept this but what we want is; don’t show hatred towards these people.

Well I can’t do that either?

Why not?

Do you understand simple math?

What’s this had to do with that?

Is truth in Philosophy or in math?

Both has its place.

But what brings certainty?

Obviously math.

That’s why I am talking about math. If I give you philosophy about it, you can have your own too and the argument will go on and on. But if I give you math the issue will be closed.

Ok, go ahead.

Is taking drug a choice?


But does law prohibit that? Do you like it? Do you love those people who engage in drug business?

No, I hate them.


Because that’s bad for individual, family, society, it harms people.

So, that’s why you have problems with drugs?


Then I give you multitude of reasons to hate everything about gay, those who engage in gay and those who support gay.

How’s that?

This is something that has a potential to end the human species.

It’s Simple Math!


Image Curtesy:
Braden Fastier

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