You think you’ve FREEDOM! What happens if an IGNORANT claims freedom?

When you are limited in knowledge, what is it called?


When an ignorant claims freedom, (like that of a child) what happens?


How much knowledge human has achieved about the universe?

>Less than 5%.

All the stars, planets and galaxies that can be seen today make up just 4% of the universe. The other 96% is made of stuff astronomers can’t see, detect or even comprehend.

How much knowledge human has achieved about the land under their feet, the inside of the earth?
>Too little

We’ve only explored about 0.4% of the Earth’s total mass.this will only be the first step in the very long process of exploring the 99.6% of Earth that is as alien to us as the surface of any new world.

And how much knowledge human has achieved about the ocean?

>A little!

More than 80% of our ocean is unmapped, unobserved, and unexplored. Much remains to be learned from exploring the mysteries of the deep.

How much knowledge human has achieved about themselves?
>Little bit.

Each of us is a walking planet full of diverse microbial ecosystems of unimaginable complexity. But now, scientists have uncovered evidence suggesting that there’s an undiscovered microbial ecosystem that includes bacteria-eating viruses

Therefore, you humans are so limited in the knowledge of what exists around you! 
Then what arrogance of you can make you think that you have freedom when you have so much limitation (ignorance) in so many things?

And you know what happens when an ignorant claims freedom, don’t you?
Then what more do you need to convince yourself of the fact that your freedom brings nothing but disaster to yourself?

O Mankind, You are causing your disaster that leads you to the greatest destruction of yours.
And then what makes you not to be humble to THE MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE?
Only your ARROGANCE!

And there are only TWO ways to FIX your arrogance.
Either YOU overcome it by yourself and you are given the power to do so


the burning FIRE would! 

Al Quran Al-Hakeem 7:36

But the ones who deny Our verses and are arrogant toward them – those are the companions of the Fire; they will abide therein eternally.

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