You think you’ve FREEDOM! It’s a tool to produce a CORRUPT society

Did you see that old lady in her last times?

The old lady who was standing with the stick in her garden?


That’s the result of the corrupt society build by the Corrupt Minds.

What do you mean?

She has grown-up children, with their own family. She has other grown-up children who do not have a family. But still they don’t live with her nor they have the time to take care of her, they don’t have the mentality to take care of her, they don’t have the ‘System’ of taking care of her. Because they have a system of ‘Happy Old Home’

So, how does that relate to Corrupt Human Minds.

Let me explain. Her children were raised in an environment of ‘Individual Freedom’ which was enacted by a law made by men. Nobody messes with any Individual’s freedom, be it a rough and disobedient boy or an indecent girl in a family. You cannot force your children for anything.

So, the result was obvious. When the bad boys or bad girls became adult, they are free to smoke, drink, dress up whatever way they like, have an intimate relationship with anyone they like and being parents you cannot force them against those ‘Freedom’. So, a 5-year student can kiss another student in the class in front of the class teacher while the class is operating and the teacher does not have the gut to give them even a wink of the eye, let alone scorn them or punish them. In fact, those bad ones wait to celebrate the first day they will be allowed to enter in a bar or in an adult shop. These are the results of the laws made by men to ensure ‘Individual Freedom’.

Their parents have voted those corrupt minds to lead them to parliament and the senate and when those Corrupt Mind put forward this ‘Individual Freedom’ bill, those parents have applauded and supported the law.

Now, what’s the relation of that law with an old lady living alone and enduring all that hardship of life while nobody around her to give personal care?

It is firstly the impact of the law that had on the society. In easy terms, A bad boy or girl goes to school and he/she does the bad things in front of the other good and obedient teens. Though many of them did not like the bad boy, many of them easily went to the path he/she showed them. That’s the social impact.

Then the impact of the law, as well as the impact of the social consequences, have on the mental psyche of a human being. When you cannot force on something which is right, cannot force your own children to prevent them doing wrong in front of you, you get a kind of ‘impersonal’ to your own children because they seem not to belong to you, not under your command any more. You have no authority over them. The state owns them. They are owned by the ‘Freedom’ that the law forced on them. So, you feel detachment, consequently, the children also feel a detachment from the family. They don’t have the same family bond anymore. On the other hand, the parents also have now plenty of time to shape their own life, own habit, own fashion, indulge in their own entertainment because children seem to have their own ‘Freedom’.

So, personal care is what absent in those families. Parents don’t ask a teen what did you eat this morning? A teen feels insulted when a mother asks her about her food.

And the final result is now manifested in front of you. Go and check their campaign of ‘I pushed you away does not mean I want you to go’ So the family bond broke now, hearts are a vacuum. Caring for the parents means having dinner together and sharing each other’s fake success and happy story. But philosophy pops in their mind, ‘Be like a tree, let the dead leaves drop’ because they think their mind is so great but actually their mind has long gone Corrupted because they went far away from the guideline of their creator.

So, the root of all evil is the System of Law that let some human being makes the Law to govern and shape the mind of other human beings while it is the creator of human being that only have the right to make the Law for human being and be followed!

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