You think you’ve FREEDOM! Do you have more DIGNITY than birds, fish and animals?

You have freedom, therefore,
Sing out of your heart like a mocking bird
Dance with your heartbeat like a snooker fish
Fly into the sky like a pelican.

You have freedom, therefore,
Show off your beauty like a peacock
Splash your life with all the colours of the rainbow!

Follow what your heart desires
and obey someone like yourself
You have all the freedom to do whatever you think is the best for you.

And why won’t you?
Because you are on your own, you are responsible for your own existence, aren’t you?
Nobody created you,
nobody has set the timeline in which you would come into existence,
nobody has chosen which family you were born into,
nobody has set which place you were born in,
nobody has any plans for which gender you would be,
nobody has designed which colour your skin would be and so on.
So, you had it all by yourself.
Your ideas are larger than your origin.

But oops!
You seem to follow some guidelines, some limits, some restrictions.
You can’t just drink alcohol whenever you want. They put limits on how much you can drink, up to what time you can drink and where you are not allowed to drink! That’s crazy, isn’t it? How humiliating it is that some humans, same of your kind make a law and control you of how much you can drink! It’s unbelievably degrading! 
And then you want to open up your beauty just a little bit more every day but you can’t go to the level your heart desires right now. But don’t worry, have some patience, let go for a few years more, let the virtual reality pop in, you will surely be able to do it, right now most of the people yet seems got some decency left. So, sorry for you, there are some social restrictions. 


Who restricts your desires?
Who limits your freedom?
Who gives you guidelines?
Your parents? Your school? Your society? Your Council? Your State? Your country?
Another human? 
Ah! What a shame! 
So you don’t have the freedom you boasting about so much! 
How ironic, you are restricted by your own species! 
You are controlled by your own kind,
whose organs and emotions function the same way as yours,
those who carry the same filth in their bowl like yours!
You seem more pathetic than a bird! 
You are more shameless than a fish!
You are more degrading than an animal. 
You seem worst of all the living creatures!
A bird is not controlled by another bird! 
A fish is not ruled by another fish!
An animal is not restricted by another animal!
But do you not see how organised are they? 
Do you not observe how peaceful and content their life is? 
Don’t you see this when you go to nature? 
Don’t you ever think how do they do it?
Simply because they don’t obey one of their kind. 
They did not downgrade themselves by allowing another one of their species to restrict them, limit them or to decide what is good and what is bad for them but did you notice they have the highest freedom and thus they have the highest morality?

Then how do they do it? 

Simply because they are governed by their creator, ruled by their creator, regulated by the most knowledgeable, most powerful one, their own creator! Therefore, they obey their creator 100%. They have dignity, therefore they don’t allow another of their species to limit them, to regulate them. 
O mankind! 
What makes you lower than birds, fish and animals to choose to let your life be controlled by another of your kind, another human? 
Your creator granted you so much dignity, made you the best of all the creations but you choose to be the lowest of all the living creatures! You choose to be regulated by your own kind, not by the most powerful and most knowledgeable, your creator, the creator of the universes. 
Only because you want to follow your filthy, shameless desires.
Ah Human!

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