You think you’re the ‘King of the World!’ Rather you took science as a thing to worship.

Are you so much fascinated about the achievement and future of science and technology?
Because humans are now making super Artificial Intelligence (AI)!
Because robots can now be smarter than ever!
Because the human will be flying to the MARS very soon!

I can understand how much you are engrossed in your PC.
I can understand how science has boosted your EGO so much.
I can understand how science has shaped your mind so much.
I can understand how science has corrupted your mind so much.
I can understand how much you are worshiping the science, leaving your creator.

Actually, it’s not the science but the atheist among the scientists who are constantly placing things in front of you in such a way,
So that it makes you feel you are the ‘King of the Worlds’.
So that you can defy the existence of anything higher than you.
So that you can defy your creator.
So that you can think, you have the freedom!

But let me turn your eyes to the earth.
Get a few small rocks, few pebbles and place them around your rooms.
Now put a few ants on one of the pebbles.

Tell me with your scientific knowledge, would ants ever be able to fly from one pebble to another?
Then if they ever do and attain the capability of flying from not all over the rooms but only one pebble to another pebble within a feet distance of their own pebbles,
and then they fly themselves up to your eye level,
and then they try to give you look at your face ‘I am the king of the Universe!’
How would you see their stubbornness, their proudness, their foolishness?

You will just laugh at them!
They have no idea how tiny they are!
You will just pity them for they don’t know how stupid they are!

So, go and ask your twisted-minded scientists just to create a single drop of water!
This is the Water that you live on!
Hey! Go and create your own necessity first!

So, go and ask your corrupt minds to create 500 ml of air that you need to just breathe once!
Hey! That’s what you live on!
So, go and create your own necessity first!

Did you not ever think of that before boasting about your ability?
You got the water so easy, hm!
You got the air so easy!
‘Nature’ just made them!
And the creator of the water threatened you:

Al Quran 67:30

Say, “Have you considered: if your water was to become sunken [into the earth], then who could bring you flowing water?”

বলুন, তোমরা ভেবে দেখেছ কি, যদি তোমাদের পানি ভূগর্ভের গভীরে চলে যায়, তবে কে তোমাদেরকে সরবরাহ করবে পানির স্রোতধারা?

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