You think you’re the King of the World! Know Your Creator, Know your Limitations!

So you know the size of the universe!
You know the vastness of the universe.
What do you understand from this vastness of the universe?
Each grain of sand is more vast than the known universe. SubhanAllah!
Meaning, as there is unimaginable vastness, also there are uncountable vastness, the unimaginable quantity of vastness.

Do you see scientists working in different field of sciencees such as Artificial intelligence (AI)?
Did you notice their pride and boasting?
Did you notice what level they think of themselves for being able to do what they are doing?
Why? Just because they see the POSSIBILITY of increasing the life of dying cell that they have tested on the RATS!
And they are dreaming of living now a few 1000 years!
And they boast like as if they have achieved the IMMORTALITY!

Now, what’s the human advancement so far?
Let’s scratch a bit on the surface of ‘mind-blowing’ achievement so far.
One such area is, ‘Mind Texting’ or ‘Mind Reading ‘.
Are you able to put your thoughts in your mouth?
Are you able to speak what’s in your mind?
Then, are you able to write what’s in your mind?
Do you even have an ant-size step towards understanding the thoughts go through in your mind?
And then, are you any near to put those thoughts into words!
Where does science stands about the ‘Mind Reading’ ability, as of today?
What do you think of yourself if you could achieve that?
Do you not understand your limitations?

Let me take you to another aspect.
What’s the scientific achievement in regards to communication?
You just have machines that can fly just around or little over 1000 km per hour.
How long would it take for you to just cross your own galaxy?
90k light-years.
Could you imagine mankind would ever achieve the speed of light?
How long it might take for humans to achieve the speed of light!
And if they do, what would you think that mankind will think about themselves?
More than ‘God’ i guess!
Ah! Ridiculous human being!

Then imagine something in that bottom level (string) achieve the highest tech possible (as compare to the human being to this universe) and they acquire the speed of light in their scale. How much time they would need to travel just only one galaxy distance (inside that sand)? 126k light-years.

Then what if they think they win over the universe!
How would you think they would boast themselves for achieving such power?
Think of their pride!
But what would you say to them from your level?
W h at a fool!
You are just living inside a grain of sand and that much you are boasting living there!

They have no idea of another universe similar to them (another grain of sand) let alone the human-like shape or beyond. But they boast they know the creator or just they deny there’s nothing.
What a ridiculous thing is this human!

And they dare to comment about the creator of the magnificent universe!
Ah! Ridiculous human!

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