You think you’ve FREEDOM! You are nothing but a slave: Air, Water and You – The Lock and the Key

Every lock has a key.
It’s the combination of the lock and the key that make them usable and worthy.
Without one, the other losses its use.
But if you compare them according to their individual worth, the lock itself is most important.
However, whatever value the lock has, again, without the key the lock has no use.
It has made essential for the lock to find its worth in the key.
Yet you can replace the key, you can make an alternative key.

Your creator gave you life.
And He gave you freedom.
And your life has so much worth.
You’re made the best of all creatures.
But without the water your life is nothing.
Without the air your life won’t exist.
Air and water are made key to your life.

And guess what?
He didn’t give you the power to make those key yourself.
He didn’t give you the knowledge to make those keys yourself.
The keys belong to Him.
You can make lot of foods, alternative to the natural food but you can’t make alternate to Air nor you can make an alternate to Water.

O Mankind, then how many more signs your creator need to put forward in order for you to understand that you are nothing but a slave?
And that’s in itself is a mercy from your creator that He made Air and Water essential for you,
so that you might realize the value of the keys and then you might think of the creator of the keys.

And yet if you don’t, then do you want to understand His mercy on you over and over again?
And do you want to understand how many paths he devised for you so that you can turn to Him?
Didn’t He sometimes put you in a situation when a glass of water seems a life-worth to you?
Don’t you feel the utmost gratefulness at that time?
How can I make you understand, how in those moments your Creator watches you, extends so much mercy to you so that you turn to Him in submission!

But unfortunate for you, such manifested signs do not make you think and make you grateful to your Creator rather you give the gratefulness to the nature.
May Allah open your heart, O Human!

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