You think Jannah is so Easy! Did you know how a little thing could cause you to Jahannam!

Look at this!
You think Jannah is easy!
You think just attending Halaka and listening to the lectures, that’s enough, you are doing enough! ‘Allah is forgiving!’ ‘And ‘I am doing my best’!
Then know, why you need to read the TEXT of the Quran yourself from the ORIGINAL sources!
This again prompts the TWO issues:
(1) Unless you read it yourself,
(2) unless you give thought by yourself,
you would never understand the significance of these issues.
That’s how Critical Reasoning is so much important.

And why you need to read?
Because IGNORANCE haws NO EXCUSE in Islam.

You might listen to it from a lecture but you will get an average warning and you make it big. You might prohibit someone to advance even when there is space to pass through.

On the other hand when you read it yourself and read the wordings mindfully then you would know it is talking about passing OVER the NECK. Therefore you can put things in its proper place.

But the point is, it is scary! It should scare one to death for how little thing could cause an Ebadh of Allah to fire. You know, a Kafir is for fire, understandable. A Mushrik is for fire, understandable. A Fasiq, disobedient of Allah is for fire, understandable. A Taghut is for fire, understandable and so and so forth.

But who wants to go to the front of the row? An Ebadh of Allah who wants to get more reward! SubhanAllah! And he is for fire! Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajiun!

What’s the reason here?
He is causing annoyance to another Ebadh of Allah!
He is interrupting another Ebadh of Allah!
That’s it!
Aujubillah! Just causing disturbance to an AabdAllah is enough for one to be in the fire. May Allah save us from Jahannam!

And about the issue of Daef. All Daef Hadith is not rejectable Hadith when you know the reason it was classified as Daef as it is mentioned in the comment by the translator.

And Allah, Al-A’alim knows best. May Allah give us a proper understanding of Deen

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