You BELIEVE Muhammad sallillahu alaihi wa sallam AS RASULULLAH but you don’t HATE KUFFAR! Then CHECK your Islam.

Bismillah, Al Hamdulillah. We start in the name of Allah, to whom belongs all the Praise. 

When you have an enemy, what you have to do in order for you to survive from his enmity?

You have to be mindful about the enemy and his enmity in the first place, and you have to take him as your enemy, right?

Allah said Kuffar is your CLEAR enemy (4:101). Then ask yourself O Muslim, do you have any doubt about Allah’s statement and warning? And then what are you doing?

For sure, time is as such that there are ‘Muslim scholars in Kuffar’s Mindset’ who born, bred, nourished, raised and educated in kuffar’s environment, therefore, they adopted Kuffar’s philosophy, those who would say, there are good Kuffar who you can engage with for social causes and they would just bring evidence from hadith and Seera (Muta’am al-Adi, Hilful Fujul)) and copy paste an event without considering it in totality.

They would say,

it is those Kuffar who are fighting Islam directly,

the Kuffar, those who are doing everything to extinguish the light of Islam,

the Kuffar, those who restrict Muslims to practice Islam,

the Kuffar, those (the hidden criminals) who engage in shaping the minds of the entire globe of people against Islam,

these are the Kuffar that the Ayah is applicable to.

But know that Allah is all knowledgeable. He warned you against your enemy. And there are numerous evidence in Quran and Hadiths which suggest that a Muslim has only one relation with kuffar and that is enmity and hatred except in the matter of JUSTICE (Al Quran 5:8 where Allah, the Most Just says, “O you who have believed, be persistently standing firm for Allah, witnesses in justice, and do not let the hatred of a people prevent you from being just.”)

And how can you understand the severity of this justice that a Muslim has to observe? You can understand by one Hadith.

Rasulullah sallillahi alaihi wa sallam said,

‘Whoever makes a snide comment to a dhimmi has earned Hell.’

[Ibn Hibbaan in his Saheeh]

Snide: Derogatory, insulting, contemptuous, mocking, taunting, scornful, sarcastic,

spiteful, nasty, mean, inferior etc.

Dhimmi: Kuffars living under the Khilafah, The Islamic State, under the rule of Islam, Islamic Shariah

SubhanAllah! Has this UNJUST world, the most unjust and the most ungrateful human being (kuffar, those who love, nourish falsehood and filth) ever heard of this JUSTICE of Islam, how Islam protects the right of its kuffar citizen?

Point to ponder here:

The Kuffar want Muslim to be moderate because they fear those Muslims who strictly follow Allah’s Law. But look at here, a Moderate Muslim is the one who would not follow Allah Subhanahu strictly because he does not fear Allah as the way Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala should be feared. Therefore, the warning in this Hadith would not make much impact on him. When he would live under Khilafah and would have power, he would not bother taunting or oppressing a kafir but imagine an Allah fearing Muslim (‘fundamentalist’, ‘extremist’ as what they say about those), he will keep a 1000 meters of distance from a kafir lest he engages with him in a situation that he might become oppressive to a kafir.

Now, let’s get back to our main subject here. How do this enmity and hatred make sense? What about those good Kuffar who have no enmity against Islam? Those who like Islam, those who like Muslims and those who like few (only whatever goes with their desire) of the systems of Islam?

Well, first thing is, if you are a Muslim who knows that you have only ONE way to Jannah (Sirat al-Mustaqeem) and any other ways lead only to Jahannam,  if you know any deviation from Allah’s path left open only the other path, the path of shaitan, and that leads nowhere other than Jahannam, then discard yourself from other things, just sit and examine all these statements from Allah, the Most High and His Rasul (May Allah exalt his mention) and simply use your brain, Allah might guide you, if He wills. And I ask Him so.

And then I might In Shaa Allah, help you to understand the harms of good Kuffar, harms that lead you and your generations to one destination, Jahannam. (May Allah save you and me and our generations from the fitnah of kuffar and save us from Jahannam)

Let me open your eyes to the actions and environment that good kuffar have set for you and your children.

Is Zina a great sin? What constitutes Zina? Who set the environment of Zina?

Is Riba a great sin? What constitutes Riba? Who set the system of Riba that you have no scope to escape from but bound to breathe in?

Is wasting of time is a great sin which takes Muslims to Jahannam? Who set the environment of endless entertainment and sport that you cannot take your children out of?

Is shirk the greatest calamity of all? Isn’t men making laws against Allah’s law shirk? Who set the environment of that shirk?

And then what else you need to hate those Kuffar who set all these environments that will take if not you but your generations only to one destination, Jahannam? (May Allah save us from Jahannam)

Now, you can say, “Who told you to live among kuffar and in the environment set by the kuffar? Who told to live in the Kuffar’s lands? Why don’t you go and live in an Islamic environment?” And also you can say, “Why do your ‘Muslim’ country follow the law from the Kuffar? Who compelled them to do that?” 

Good question, good suggestion, Ma Shaa Allah. But you have no idea about the Kuffar because you really do not understand the word of Allah, nor you give it the worth it deserves (As Allah said, “had this Quran revealed on a mountain, it would have exploded out of fear of Allah” Quran Al-Hakeem 59:21), but you don’t care, that’s the reason you have the question in the first place. You have no idea who your RABB is! He is all knowledgeable.

He warned you that Kuffar is your clear enemy, he warned you and instructed you:

  1. TAKE them as your enemy. (Al-Quran 4:101)
  2. They will kill you any moment they get you. (Al-Quran 4:101-103)
  3. They will try everything to take you out from your Deen (Quran 2:109)
  4. They will NEVER be satisfied with you until you follow their way of life (Al-Quran 2:120)
  5. They have a greater hatred for you than what’s in their mouth (Quran 3:118)
  6. Therefore, bear ENMITY in your heart towards them (Al-Quran Al-Kareem 60:4) 
  7. FIGHT them and you will be helped (Quran Al-Majeed 4:84).
  8. Do NOT BEFRIEND with them (Al-Quran 5:51, 3:118)
  9. Do NOT SHOW love and affection to them (Al-Quran 60:1),
  10. Do NOT LIVE among them, (Tirmidhi 1605)
  11. Do NOT FOLLOW their ways, (AL-Quran 4:86)
  12. DISTANT yourselves from their lifestyles (Al-Quran 60:4)
  13. Do NOT even LOOK at the luxury they filled their life with. (Al-Quran 20:131)
  14. BEAR hatred in your heart to their WAYS of LIFE. (Al Quran 60:4)

Do you wonder why there is so much warning about Kuffar? Because He, the Most Merciful wants you to go to Jannah. And Kuffar are there to take you to Jahannam. So, let me tell you how the good Kuffar make your way to Jahannam. (May Allah protect you and me from Kuffar’s fitnah)

You live in an Islamic land where most possible of the Islamic laws are being practiced, an environment where there’s no adultery, you don’t see any non-mahram men/women on the street, there naked legs, half-naked breast, no poster of women on the wall, on the billboard, no cinema, you don’t hear any filth of music, no endless entertainment, and sport. Muslims work only as long as what is needed to earn to feed their stomach to fill in for the day, spend time with their family, worship their RABB, Allah and the rest of the time they spend to learn deen.

But you will find those ‘good’ kuffar burn inside. They now devise a plan to take out Muslim from Islam and they did in at least in the last 100 years. So, they turn to the Muslim country with a humanitarian approach and term an Islamic environment as ‘oppressing of women’ and offer the path of adultery using the good words, ’empowering women’, ‘equality of women’. And that’s how they already took out Muslim women from Islam by shaping their mind. (May Allah guide back our women to deen)

Then they will turn up to a Madrasa where Quran is taught and they will make the headline report, “These kids do not know their future” only because they (kuffar) could not teach them the Secularism, Materialism, Capitalism so that they can leave the path of Allah and indulge into the luxury of life while engaging in SHIRK of secularism. To these ‘good’ kuffar life means nothing if you cannot indulge in the luxury that the technology offers you.

And when a Muslim country wants to implement Allah’s law ONLY on Muslims, such as, stoning to death for adultery, gay s~x and amputating hand for stealing, the good kuffar, the ‘humanitarian’ kuffar, the organs of the kuffar’s assembly (the UN), such as ‘Amnesty International’ will term such a LAW from the only LAW Giver, Allah as ‘horror’, ‘vicious’ ‘barbaric’, ‘inhuman’, ‘heinous’ and what not. This is the so-called ‘innocent’ kuffar. They want Muslim to live by their standard. They make themselves down to lower than the insects by following other humans like themselves and they utter those words against the LAW from the Creator of the Universe, Allah Subhanahu.

An insect does not follow another insect, they follow the law of the Creator, Allah. But these ‘good’ kuffar make themselves worse than the insects (Al-Quran Al-Hakeem 98:6) only because they were given the will to choose. So, be it, you choose how you want to live your life, Islam doesn’t force you to Believe. But why then you don’t let Muslims, the best of the creations (Al Quran Al-Majeed 98:7) to follow the LAW from the creator?

And you, the ‘Muslims in Kuffar Mindset’, you take the lesson of humanity from these kuffar when they themselves lack the basic morality of recognizing and obeying their own creator.

And these are the ‘good’ Kuffar who won’t let Muslim to live on their own, to live in a simple way working for Jannah, having a piece of bread on their plate for the day and a shade made of leaves over their head and then make their time worshipping Allah. They want you to work 12 hours of the day for earning for a luxury living and worshipping the money they worship so that they can run their businesses on you.

And they set the school system to take out your children from Allah’s path. When your parents put you in Kuffar’s school, the first thing you dropped is Salat, didn’t you? Had you been dead before you turned back to Allah, the Most Forgiving, how would you think you would have submitted your account of Salat with Allah, when He, the Most Just, would have called your account for Salat on the Qiyamah? And what would have been the consequence of light in the scale on the Qiyamah? Jahannam, Isn’t it? (May Allah save you and me on that day)

And let me ask you, what is a school for, what’s its purpose? It supposed to teach you the skills for life and no doubt, they do it very well but what else they do alongside? They taught you philosophy, they taught you science in a way to make you think that science is the thing that is to be worshipped (I don’t even want to use the filthy word ‘God’), only because science has some ability as to how Allah, the Creator of the Universe works but they make it as if science itself is responsible for the creation. That’s how kuffar took you out from Islam, having no Tawakkul on Allah, having no knowledge of Allah because you never had time to read and contemplate on Quran, Kuffar school system and material life system that they put you in did not leave you time for that.

Allah said the truth, “They won’t ever let you go until they turn you to their ways” (Al-Quran 2:120). This is Kuffar. You better realize it if you so believe in Allah and make you Jannah easy.

And Allah knows best. May Allah save us and our children from the fitnah of the Kuffar and save us from Jahannam. Ameen.

And we make dua to Allah, Our Rabb,


“Our RABB, make us not [objects of] torment for the disbelievers and forgive us, our RABB. Indeed, it is You who is the Exalted in Might, the Wise.” (Al-Quran 60:5)

Finally, there’s something else to add here to clear the clot that developed in the mind of the Muslims because they have been poured the kuffar’s filth from the right and the left. One such philosophy is, ‘Respect other beliefs in order to live peacefully’.

This is hypocrisy at its highest, a falsehood at its lowest. And no wonder they will cover the falsehood with 100s of filth as they have been carrying the falsehood with love for thousands of years. And this is just only one of that filth.

Can you respect a falsehood? No way! It will shake your moral ground, it will jeopardize your ability for love for the truth and hatred for the falsehood. It is as if an arrogant insists on saying 2+2 = 5 and you are preaching, “Hey, you got to respect that, at the end ‘It’s just a Belief”. See, how they developed endless of falsehood.  

You tell me, why do people hate a criminal? Because that’s a basic morality being human. And these philosophies they developed to shape people’s mind so that they won’t recognize the right from the wrong. Once human get to that stage of not understanding right and wrong, that’s simply the ending of humanity, the humanity which will only know to consume whatever the filth they pour in. And that’s their agenda to run their business on them but they make it sound so good while only the one knows how the world works, he realizes these falsehood.

By the way, in there is another falsehood, “Hate the crime, not the criminal” SubhanAllah, falsehood after falsehood, layer after layer of falsehood they engrossed in and unfortunately they were successful to put these falsehood even into the throat of the ‘Muslims Scholars in Kuffar’s Mindset’. So, filth is all over the place and how many you can through in garbage in order to put forward a clear and clean surface? So, leave those for next time, In Shaa Allah.  

‘Abdullāh ibn Umar (رضي الله عنه) said:

“By Allāh if I fasted all day without eating, prayed all night without sleeping, spent all my wealth in the path of Allāh, died that day, but had no love in my heart for those who obey Allāh, and no hatred in my heart for those who disobey Allāh, none of this would benefit me in the least.”

[Ihyā ‘Ulūm al-Dīn’ (2/195)]

And Muhammad Abd al-Wahhab an-Najdi commented on the Ayah of the Quran 60:4

“If a Muslim says “I follow Rasulullah salla Allahu alaihi wa sallam and he is upon the truth but I also do not hate Abu Jahl and the likes”, then his Islam is NOT TRUE”

Source: Ad-Durar as-Sanniyyah (2/109)

Important Note:

Now, what’s the definition of a kafir?

It’s very simple.

When the message of Islam is clear to a person and yet

  1. He rejects to submit to Allah, the creator of the universe,
  2. He rejects Muhammad salla Allahu alaihi wa sallam as a messenger,
  3. He rejects the Quran as a message from Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala

then he is a Kafir.

And obviously it also applies to a person who doesn’t bother to understand Islam yet he rejects the above three.

And it also applies to a person whom the message is clear yet he rejects it even though he does not hold any animosity towards Islam.

And then after that, there are many branches that can make someone a kafir even after he believes in the above 3.

And Allah knows best

Therefore, these articles exclude those to whom the message is reached while they are learning and having no animosity towards Islam.

And you can read from the scholars with all the references from the Quran, Tafseer and  Hadith with their explanations.

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