Why don’t you submit?

Some people submit to anything

Tree, Sun, Moon, Stone, Mountains, Rivers, Mother nature, Animals, Men, Respective Scholars, Own Desires, Philosophies, you name it.

Some people find any reason not to submit

“If there is a ‘God’ then how come this is happening?”
“If there is a ‘God’ then how come there is so much sufferings in the world?”
“Why ‘God’ wants people to be thankful?”
“Why ‘God’ threats people of fire?”


Nothing can make Some people to submit.

“We have science, we don’t need a ‘God”
“People were more intelligent back then, they did miraculous mind blowing stuff, there are some books that have miraculous stuff doesn’t mean it is from ‘God”

What about you?

Share, if there's benefit in it. Dawah benefits YOU!
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