When and how would you KNOW that shaitan has WRAPPED you?

Who did Allah make as the enemy of the SONS of Adam? (Quran 2:36)

What were his promises/threats to Allah Subhanahu? (Quran 7:16-17)
he will cause them to enter into Jahannam.

Then who made them kuffar? (Quran 7:175)

Who made to reject people of their respective messengers?

Hey! Didn’t you know that Allah subhanahu wa Ta’ala said to the shaitan that He (Allah) will forgive Sons of Adam again and again and again when shaitan threatens to make them astray?

Didn’t Allah answer three prayers of shaitan while He answered four prayers of Adam to repel shaitan?

Then how come shaitan was successful in always making the MOST of the sons of Adam to Jahannam? Don’t you see most of the people today do not believe Muhammad Salla Allahu alaihi wa Sallam as the messenger? Who makes them being Kuffar?

Then after believe, who made those believers be in SHIRK? (Quran 12:106)

And you think Allah forgives you again and again and again while you don’t fear Allah and continue in disobedience of Allah Subhanahu and continue being away from Allah’s remembrance?

and you think you are safe from shaitan’s grip because “Allah is forgiving”?

Do you not understand how many wraps shaitan wrapped you with?

And yet your RABB warned you in Quran 36:62

وَلَقَدْ أَضَلَّ مِنكُمْ جِبِلًّا كَثِيرًا ۖ أَفَلَمْ تَكُونُوا تَعْقِلُونَ

“And he had already led astray from among you much of creation, so did you not use reason?”

“শয়তান তোমাদের অনেক দলকে পথভ্রষ্ট করেছে। তবুও কি তোমরা বুঝনি?”

May Allah save you and me from accursed shaitan.

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