What is the Worst Crime? How do you define the Worst Crime?

PART 1. Worst Punishment for worst crime in today’s world!

Let’s see what the Webster dictionary says?

>> an act or the commission of an act that is forbidden or the omission of a duty that is commanded by public law and that makes the offender liable to punishment by that law; especially :

>> a gross violation of law a grave offence especially against morality

In summary, doing things of FORBIDDEN, Not doing the COMMANDED DUTY and Offence against MORALITY. More or less these are the basic premise of defining a crime.

Who defines it? A government, the ‘authority’ of a land, more specifically the responsible people of a land who were given or acquired the authority to administer on a land, more precisely, human minds defined what is morality, what is forbidden and what is to be the punishment.

Now, what’s the Worst Crime? Who defines it?

Same people, same human minds, same ‘authority’ of a land. But how do they define the worst crimes? To put that discussion will be a huge load on your mind in this topic, so, briefly from the historical text we see that depending on the condition of the crime and state of a person involves making a crime worst. But there are other ways to define the worst crime which is by looking at the punishments. If we look at the worst punishments imposed by human being in human history we can easily get the idea of the worst crimes!

So, what are the worst punishment we know? During the Middle Ages, or Medieval period In European history lasted from the 5th to the 15th century, there was capital punishment imposed by authorities by executing ‘criminals’ by burning into the fire where in some cases the only worst crime was ‘following the protestant faith’. But important to note here that the last person burnt by authority was in 1727, not long ago by ‘witchcraft act’

So, what were the worst crimes for that worst punishments? Mostly killing, murder and then whatever defines ‘immoral’ by the ‘authorities’ such as people of other faith, women that seek ‘freedom’ from the atrocities of the authority etc.

Now, those days are gone. Europe is civilised now. Women are not punished as ‘witch’ any more. Black human, women got equal rights in Europe and USA just only during the last two centuries. Capital punishment through guillotine is now history though electric chair still remains to be phase out slowly.

Therefore, in a civilised society today, what is the worst punishment? Death by lethal injection, hanging. Easy method? What is the reason behind the easy method? Is the punishment intended to make the convict feel the similar pain endured by the victim that caused by his crime for which he is being punished? No! rather, the intention is to take the life of the convict applying as the easiest method as possible. Taking the convict’s life is regarded to be the worst punishment, not giving him pain. I hope this could be understood. This is the main perspective of capital punishment today!

So now, we understood, the worst punishment for the worst crime in today’s world is taking the life of the convict away by applying the easiest method!

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