What is Mindfulness?

What’s the name of your son?
> Aabdullah

Why did you name him Aabdullah?
> Because of the meaning, because it is the most favourite name to Allah.

What’s the meaning of it ?
> Slave of Allah.

So do you mean he is a slave of Allah?
> Yes. I wish him to be slave of Allah.

So, you name your son as ‘Aabdullah’ because you think he is a slave of Allah, you want him to be slave of Allah.
> Exactly.

Now tell me, when you call him during the day,
do you ever consciously call him by thinking in your mind “O slave of Allah”
Or by meaning “O my son, be slave of Allah” or “I mean you to be slave of Allah?”

You don’t do it.
It just became a name only, merely an identifications to you, isn’t it?
Of course, You had the mindset when you named him but then it only became rituals, merely a habit.

That’s what Salat now to most of the people, became a rituals only, including myself many times.
Rarely it means standing before Allah praising Him consciously,
thinking that I am standing now to PRAISE Allah, And to beg Allah Ajja wa Jalla and that’s what he created me for.
thinking that “You are in my heart, O my Rabb”
thinking that “I am submitting to you, O my Rabb” because You created me to do stand before you
and that’s the purpose of my living today!
thinking that “I am bowing to you, O my Rabb because You created me to do this ruku’a
and that’s the purpose You allowed me breathing today!
thinking that “I am prostrating to you, O my Rabb” because you created me to do this Sujud
and “that’s the last action You allow me O my Rabb, before you take me back to meet you!”

May Allah make us among those who remain mindful about Him all the time. Ameen.
“Allahumma Aainni Aala Zikrika Wa Shukrika Wa Husni Ebadatika”

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