What is meant to be a Muslim? Destination Jannah? Then what’re the Basics to claim to be in Jannah?

What is a Muslim? And then What is Being a Muslim?

What is meant to be a Muslim?
The one, whose destination is Jannah!
But unfortunately not all Muslims go to Jannah.

How do you say that? What’s the Criteria to go to Jannah?

There are 5 conditions in order for you to go to Jannah.
And that’s only the LEAST, the BASICS for Jannah.

What’re the BASICS for Jannah?

(1) BELIEVING in the Creator, Allah
If you do not believe in the Creator you will be in Jahannam for EVER.

You believe in Him but do not worship Him, only believing won’t save you from Jahannam.

(3) Worship Him ALONE
Believing in Him and worshiping Him won’t save you from Jahannam EXCEPT that you worship ONLY him not anything besides Him. (Al-Quran 12:40)

(4) Worships Him AS THE WAY He taught/instructed you
Now you BELIEVED, you are WORSHIPING, You are worshiping ONLY HIM, yet you will go to Jahannam IF you do not worship Him AS the WAY He TAUGHT/instructed you. (Al-Quran 22:71, 12:40, 2:238-239))

(5) Take Him as your AUTHORITY
Take Allah as your authority. If you do not take Allah as your authority, doing all above things won’t save you from Jahannam. You have to take Allah as your AUTHORITY. (Al-Quran 3:32 6:121, 31:21)

Now, so far what you got? You BELIEVED, You are WORSHIPING, You are worshiping ONLY HIM, You worshiping Him in HIS WAYS and you also take Allah as your AUTHORITY. Still, you go to Jahannam, burn in the fire forever.

Didn’t get the final one, the fifth (5) one. How’s that? What else He wants?

(6) Take Him your ONLY AUTHORITY. (Al-Quranul Kareem 9:31, 12:40)

How’s that?

Who do you regard as an Authority?

The one who sets the LAWS for you, the one who is able to ENFORCE the law on you and then the one who has the power to PUNISH you for not obeying the law. That’s who you regard as an authority, right?
Any lacking in any of those three, you won’t give him shit, you won’t regard him, you won’t treat him as your authority anymore.

How does that work with me?

Understanding of authority is most important.
When someone gives you a law, that someone set himself as an authority to you, right?


Then when someone gives you a law that goes against the law from Allah and you obey that law, you clearly set an equal to Allah, you put that authority equal to the level of Allah.

Easy to understand.

Take Allah as your ONLY Authority:

But what’re the problems in taking others as an authority? Isn’t my father’s authority over me? Isn’t my Manager is an authority over me? Isn’t my government is an authority over me?

Yes, they are.

Didn’t Allah command me to obey my father? So?

Yes, Allah commanded you to obey your patents

Allah commanded you to obey the Ruler/Leader AMONG you

Excellent point.

Tell me if your father orders you, do not pray five times, 3 times is enough, do you have to obey him?



Because Allah is the one who holds the authority of worship, only he tells me when to worship, how to worship, how much to worship, so on and so forth.

Therefore, when your father orders you something other than what Allah orders you, doesn’t your father claiming the same authority over you?

yes, clearly.

Therefore, when you obey your father regarding Salat do you give your father the same authority that deserves only by Allah Subhanahu?

Yes, that’s what it is.

Do you know what is this called?

This what called is “setting equals with Allah”, in simple word, ‘Shirk’ and we recite it every day, “La Sharika Lahu” “He (Allah) has no equal.”

Ma Shaa Allah, you understood it very well.
But there is something else that will blow your mind off. Do you know what I am talking about?

No, please tell me what could be worse other than the Shirk. Isn’t Shirk already enough!

Well, not quite yet! What’s the relation stands between Allah Subhanahu and your father?

Didn’t get it, please explain.

Understanding of Taghut – An Example:

Do you see an Authority/Manager/Ruler/President/King/Prime Minister set an order or a law but then there comes a new Authority/Manager/Ruler/President/King/Prime Minister who throws that law and set a new law? What’s the relation between these two Rulers?

The new Ruler has overthrown the old Ruler, the new King has rejected the authority of the old King, the new Prime Minister has put down the old Prime Minister.

So, what do you think now, when your father changed the law of worship set by Allah Taa’la?
My father just overthrown Allah, rejected Allah, put down Allah, superseded Allah, he replaces Allah Ta’ala. Inn lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun.
Indeed, your father did not put himself equal to Allah, he actually superseded or replaced Allah, he claimed the supremacy over Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala!

Inn lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun.

So, your father didn’t do the Shirk, but it is you who actually did the Shirk by making your father equal to Allah, by obeying your father in place of Allah.

So, do you now understand that you cannot take anybody as an authority over you where that authority set a law against Allah’s law?

Yes, without any doubt.

Do you know what is this authority (who rejected and replaced Allah’s authority) called in the Quran?

No please tell me, we only knew about Shirk in our entire life of Islam!

Allah called them as ‘Taghut’. (Quran 4:60)

If you understood the above then I ask you to be a Muslim, claim your Islam, claim what it is to be a Muslim, Al-Jannah!

Recognizing Taghut:

Did Allah make alcohol Haram?
Who made it Halal?
How did they make it Halal?
(Who gives license for alcohol?)

Did Allah make Zina Haram?
Who made it Halal?
How did they make it Halal?
(Who issues a license for prostitution?)

Did Allah make Riba Haram?
Who made it Halal?
How did they make it Halal?
(Who legislates and operates the interest-based banking system?)

Did Allah make marriage at the puberty age Halal?
Who made it Haram?
How they made it Haram?
(Who made the law prohibiting marriage below 18 years of age?)

Know your Situation:

And then what’s your relation with these authorities? Are you working with them in this and that department and happily doing Islam?
Think of these questions and only after that you claim yourself a Muslim.

Is your country an authority over you?
Therefore, by supporting or being part of that authority or by working for that authority you also take the responsibility of being an authority equal to ‘the Creator’. Is it not easy to understand?

Then when you don’t fall in the above category but you are OBEYING that authority makes you also be in the same situation. You taking someone as your authority alongside the authority of ‘the Creator’ while Allah, Al-Qawiy commanded you not to obey the Kuffar. (Al-Quran 33:1)
That’s enough for you to take you to Jahannam for EVER even if you had no problem with the 4 conditions we mentioned before.

Know your Act:

That’s it.
This is what being a Muslim.
This is the criteria to go to Paradise.
This is the BASIC to claim your Jannah.
NOT a DOT amount of compromise is accepted on those 6 conditions.
Full filling 5 condtions won’t do any good to you if you don’t understand about the number 6 condition.

What Allah Al-Azeez commanded you regarding Taghut?
He commanded you to REJECT Taghut. (16:36, 2:256)
And how do you reject something?
You maintain no relation whatsoever with that what you reject. There are no buts, no ifs. It is total disassociation with the Taghut who claims the equal Authority with your Rabb.

It doesn’t matter you work particularly in the department which enforces the law against Allah’s law. Rejection of Taghut means your total disassociation with anything and everything around Taghut. You don’t go near the shadow of it.

And Allah knows best.
May Allah save us from these Taghut.
May Allah make us a way out from these Taghut.
May Allah guide Muslims.

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