What is better – a FISH every day or the fishing TOOLS?

What is Better?

You wandering on hunger and then

(A) shall I give you a fish every day?
(B) Shall I give you the tools for fishing?

Isn’t that (A) happening with more than 95% of Scholars? Are you the one happily begging and collecting fish every day from these scholars?
And do you think your Jannah is just that easy leaving the hard path of learning Deen by yourself?

The UnSettlers:

~:~ Are you WILLING to PURIFY yourself?

~:~ Would you like to BETTER yourself?

~:~ Do you feel UnSettled of your status with Allah Subhanahu?

~:~ Do you feel UnSecure about your phases of Journey in Qabr, Hashr and on Qiyamah?

~:~ Then come and join your brothers!

~:~ The UnSettlers!

The very 1st thing is to make TIME:

So, you settled your mind to study Deen, but there are hundreds of problems and the top one in the list is, “I don’t have time!”

So, how would you then study deen? And then how would you make time?

The simple way to do it is, Stop Wasting Time!  It’s just that simple!

And we will show you how would stop wasting time!

And we will show you how to study deen even you’re the busiest person on the planet earth!

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