What is a Muslim? What is being a Muslim? An expert FootPrint Tracker.

Bismillah! Al Hamdulillah!
Allah created you to test.
And you know from human experience, that if you want to test somebody, you put hurdle in order for him to pass the test.
And your Creator has set many hurdles for you.
He assigned/allowed shaitan, who’s job is to slip you.
But He, Al-Khaliq, the best of the Creators, created you with a device, you know it.
It is your capabilities of thinking, imagining, articulating.
And then He, Al-Hadee equipped you with the manual.
And He expects from you an expertise, which is, recognizing shaitan’s FOOTPRINT.
“O you who have believed, do not follow the footsteps of Satan. And whoever follows the footsteps of Satan – indeed, he enjoins immorality and wrongdoing”.
(Sura An-Noor, 24:21)
This is the basic being Muslim.
You have to gain an expertise, not only about the knowledge of shaitan but about his footprints.
This is what being Muslim.
You must know in your daily life how shaitan leaves the footprints, which might seem not harmful at all.
It is not sufficient for you to know only what is Halal and what is Haram.
You must know in what ways he, shaitan, ar-razeem, the cursed, allure you through his footprints.
This is what the basic criteria to secure your Jannah!
The Ulema won’t know your individual situation, they give you general guidance only.
But it is you who understand your situation that develops in your daily life, in your daily activites.
You must gain the knowledge of Deen to understand your own condition.
And you have to be able to track the footprints of shaitan that develop from the unique conditions of your life.
And Allah knows best.
You might think, you read a book about shaitan and you’re done.
Then, you have no idea where you are living, what time you are living.
This is such a time,
the ‘shaitan among human’ and the ‘children of shaitan’ among human took things in a level that was unprecedented in human history, unprecedented in Islamic history.
You must equip yourself with the knowledge to track the new kinds of footprints of shaitan.
You’re a mother, you’re a pious Muslimah and SubhanAllah the Islam you’ve been doing, i mean the basic practices of Ebadah, would have been enough for your Jannah as well as your children’s until 200 years before.
But today! Allah knows best, It’s impossible to secure your Jannah by just doing only the basic practices. Today, to be on Tawheed, you have to have the knowledge of Deen. Because you’re the one who take your children to shopping malls, you’re the one who buy things for your children, you’re the one who mostly take your children to the schools and in all these activities.
You buy a dress or a toy, it might have a symbol of shirk, if it is not shirk, then it could be a symbol of shaitan/devil/witch/magician character and if it is neither of that then it could be a ‘text’ that says an idea or philosophical phrase against Tawheed, against the Deen of Islam or philosophy of Islam and you would have no idea what you brought in your home while your children will take it easy and get used to it.
Just as an Example,  a t-shirt of a children is printed, ‘trade my sister’. Do you realise what the ‘children of shaitan’, the Kuffar trying to push in your children’s mind?
Go, have scan around the stuff in your home and see how many things you can find that doesn’t have a picture in it. Very rare!
Go, have a scan around your home and see how many things you can find that doesn’t have a music in it. Very rare!
And if you are blessed enough that Allah saves you from those things, but then you’re putting a seed of desire in your child by taking your child In places you might think, this is just kids play stuff or you’re taking them in a restaurant, you call it weekly/monthly/occasional ‘dining out’, ‘just to have a change’, or ‘Just to get over the boring daily life’ while you have no idea, these are the footprints of shaitan.
And if yet you are blessed and saved by Allah Tabaraka Wa Ta’ala and you could escape from those things but you could sow a plant of ‘freedom’ in your child. The things you are introducing to your children today, tomorrow you will regret watching the ‘freedom’ your children will enjoy because the seed of ‘Kuffar’s Way of Life’ you planted while you have no idea these are the footprints of shaitan.
How many things and how many ways shaitan has managed today to take your children out of Islam, away from Jannah! You will have no idea if you only keep doing sincere Ebadah that a Muslim used to do 200 years before.
The Kuffar, the children of shaitan among human, have devised, every way possible, inserting Shirk, Kufr in your life, in your children’s mind. And if it is not straight Shirk or Kufr but the element of fire, the Pride, which they weaved the society with.
So, O Muslims,
Do NOT take your children to a toy store, shopping mall, eating out.
Do NOT leave your children to share their bed with another person even if it is their own cousin or aunty.
Do NOT leave your children with another person to go somewhere for something or anything,
Do NOT allow your Children to have a food outside for a day.
But how many things could someone tell you?
Your situation is unique to you.
You need to understand these things by your own achived knowledge.
And your Merciful creator gave you the device and the manual as to how to use that device.
Therefore, you need to learn Deen yourself and use that device aligned with the knowledge of Deen.
May Allah save us from the harm of shaitan.
May Allah give us the knowledge to understand the footprints of shaitan.
May Allah save us from Jahannam and grant us Jannah! Ameen.
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