What is a Muslim? A Muslim is the Most UPRIGHT one

Did you see a most obedient servant of a state judicial department, how he upholds the law of the book? A Muslim is just like that!

Only difference between a most dutiful and obedient servant of a state judicial system to a Muslim (Al-Quran 67:22) is that his obedience goes to the law made by men like himself but for a Muslim, his law is literally sent from the sky, from the creator of him, Creator of this magnificent universe. SubhanAllah!


But a Muslim is a human being too, so he follows his desire and become unmindful of his Creator and indulges into comfort and ease of life and his human limitations make him become short sighted, therefore he takes the law of Kuffar, Fasiqun and Zaleemun (Al-Quran 5:44-47) over the law of his Creator thus giving the right to men what is deserved ONLY by his RABB. (Al-Quran 18:26). So his Creator also leaves him thus he gets humiliated in everywhere in the globe by those Kuffar, Fasiqun and Zaleemun, those who he follows by leaving the LAW and system of life given by of his Creator.

May Allah, the most exalted in might, make those Muslim to re-evaluate the causes of their condition and may Allah make them understand and fear the wrath of Allah (Al-Quran 2:65-66) and may Allah, the most merciful, guide them to correct themselves and may Allah, the guide, make them to turn fully, whole-heartedly to Allah and follow the system of Allah, the lawgiver, entirely in their life. Ameen.

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