What is a Muslim? A Muslim follows the ‘Policy Manual’ entirely and whole-heartedly

An Analogy:

Do you know the difference between people working in an organization which has a policy manual and those working in an organization which does not have a policy manual?

In an org which has a policy manual, is it possible for employees to work the way they think is best for the org or do they have to work by following the policy manual? Do you think an employee will have a job in an org where he does not follow the manual of the org?

If an organization has a policy manual, yet different managers work according to their own methods which go against the manual, what can you draw from that? You would say that they disregard and disobey the manual. They breach the law. What does that suggest? In reality, those managers would be fired from the job. It is impossible for them to continue working in that org.

Everybody gives you a Guideline:

Now, we all know that many great minds want to give us the recipe for living our lives, such as the “vegan society” which advocates being a vegan and not harming or killing animals for food, the “art of living” which practices ideas on how to be at peace with one’s self, the “green earth” which promotes how we as humans should behave with nature to save the earth, etc.

Then Imagine a Guideline from the Most Intellectual Minds:

But let me invite you to the ultimate imagination in regards to the guideline of human life. Imagine if all the human beings on this earth became the best of physicists, or philosophers, or psychiatrists, or philanthropists, or social reformers, or the best of political ideologists. Would they, with the best of brains from all branches of human nature and science, be able to collaborate and develop a guideline for the whole of mankind on all aspects of life, from personal matters such as family, children, women, money and wealth, to political, social, economical, financial and judicial matters? If they would, wouldn’t that be the best guideline for the whole of mankind?

And a Guideline from the Creator of the Sun:

And then after that, think of a manual from the owner of this universe, what do you think the importance of that manual to human life? Let me put it this way, if each of the human being become one ‘Einstein’ and they all work together, would they be able to put another sun over our head? No way!

My respectable readers, here I ask you to leave all prejudice and preconditioned ideas behind and imagine this heard, really, seriously. You have 2 manuals in front of you, one from all human minds combined and one from the creator of this inconceivable universe in which you have no doubt. Ask yourself, which one would you follow to guide your life? Logically you can say, “I can follow both” and I myself too see no problem with that. But in the aspects where one manual contradicts the rules of the other, which one would you follow and which one would you repel? Think of this unbiasly, rationally, logically. I know the answer, you know the answer. One has to be insane to follow and prefer the rules made by men while it contradicts with the rules of the creator of this universe, right?

The falsehood is clear like daylight:

Now, look at all the ‘religions’ in the world. Separate the ones originated from men from the ones originated from revelation or ‘inspiration’ from ‘God’, the followers of those ‘religions’ believe that they have a book ‘inspired’ by their ‘God’, literally the book came from the sky, from the creator of this magnificent universe but with utter surprise they do not follow the guideline of the book. If you ask them why don’t you follow the book you believe that ‘inspired’ by the creator? They will come up with ‘this and that’ philosophies. What does that suggest? It’s the MOST RIDICULOUS thing in the aspect of human that those followers, they themselves cannot trust the guideline of the book they believe in and consequently what does that suggest? Nothing but a falsehood and they know it.

For the Good Heart:

Now do you realize the fact of what it is to have a guideline ( a manual for human life) from the creator of this universe? Imagine that, you have a book in front of you, it came to you straight from the sky and there is no doubt about that in your mind and the book say, “I created you O mankind and this book is guideline for your life.” If that really happens, what would you do? Would you seek any other guidelines in your life that goes against the guideline of the creator of this universe? You have to be a insane person to think that.

What is a Muslim?

Then think of a Muslim, ask any knowledgeable Muslim, (not to a ‘born Muslim’) a Muslim is ready to give away his life to follow the guideline of the book, the Quran, that he believes in, word per word, came from the sky, to implement the guideline of that book in his entire aspect of life, personal, private, family, social, education, economic, judicial, state, you name it, any aspect that human life encompasses, he wants to follow that guideline called ‘Shariah Law’ (extracted law from the Quran and Saheeh Hadith) and that ‘ready to give away his life’ is called Jihad and the frame work to implement that guideline is called Khilafah, The Islamic State.

In that in itself is a sign for those who reflect and understand the truth from the falsehood of all the ‘religions’ that exist.

It’s Simple Math!

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