What if you had died Yesterday?

This morning you would have woke up in the Qabr.

There’s no urge for going to the toilet,
There’s no hunger,
There’s no work,

Your all BusyNess is finished.
You’re taken to the prison, locked up,
You were already asked the Three Questions
And your status is set.

While you will be waiting to appear before the court, the treatment from the Malaikah has started, non-stop, 24/7.

Have you got all your passes in all those blockades?
Did you make sure no punishment will touch you in Qabr, Hashr and on Qiyamah?
Did you get the shield of protection from Jahannam?

But you’re here, breathing and living yet. Al Hamdulillah!
Allah, Ar Rahman gave you a chance to revise your records before He snatches it away! SubhanAllah!

Would you then take a moment today to think about it?

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