War against Islam – you have an act!

The entire world is preparing against you now.

We knew that long before. Only you didn’t know. So you made friend with the hypocrite of us thinking that they are your ‘good friend’ among Muslims. But you don’t know that we treat them as hypocrites. Therefore, the consequence will be your loss.


Because it is the hypocrite who you befriend with and who you term as moderate ‘Muslim’.
But you forgot the fact, when betrayal is in one’s nature, what happens?
A betrayer to his own family can never be a good person.
They, when you serve no benefit to them, and that will happen for sure, will turn their back on you. Seems very natural and simple, isn’t it?

Seems right.

On the other hand, we are 1 in 5 people around you. Now let me give you an analogy. Do you have kids?


Imagine, you and your son is surrounded by 10 muggers, they have guns and you have guns too.
Tell me, would you not be able to kill any of those 10 muggers before they kill you?


So, it’s that simple to understand.
If the world is preparing the War against Muslims then imagine your risk, imagine your luxury and comfort of life, these might not remain same and you might lose your kids too. This doesn’t sound good, right?

Yeah, it’s a bad world.

But we can avoid that.
You have a responsibility towards preventing this anything to happen.
So, act now to avoid those unpleasant consequences to yourself, your family and your kids.
The people who propagate hate and racism against Islam, VOICE against them.
You call this ‘Yellow Journalism’ (when it applies to Journists).
In reality, they are simply criminals.
They have been sowing seeds of racism and hatred towards a community of 1.6 billion people in a gentle looking speeches.
This needs to be graved.
ACT now.

The people who intentionally and  continuously characterizing Muslims as terrorists in the media, REJECT these media.
This journalism is simply criminal acts.
And they have been deliberately making a community of 1/5 of the population of the earth makes look bad and continuously sowing seeds of hatred and racism again them.

You know, 10 times you tell a lie, people believe it as true.
And you tell a person continuously ‘mad’ for some long time, he starts behaving madly.
Test it, this is human psychology.
Then think of the consequences of telling Muslims are terrorists.
It affects them, it has a psychological consequences.

Imagine if 1 of 5 Muslim around you started behaving like a terrorist, where in the world you can find a place to live in peace, luxury and comfort?
So, please ACT now.
You have a responsibility.
Stop these racists to talk.

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