112:4 “Wa Lam Yakun Llahu Kufuann Ahad” – Your thoughts, your imaginations are restricted, controlled!

‘Wa Lam Yakun Llahu Kufuann Ahad” – “Nothing is equivalent to Him”.


এবং তার সমতুল্য কেউ নেই।

(Al-Quranul Hakeem 112:4)

Bismillah! Al-Hamdulillah!

You’re human.
Your ability to think, imagine and articulate are what make you human.
So, you think you got the ability to think whatever you want!
So, you think you have the freedom to imagine whatever you want!
But no!

Whatever you might think about Him, your Creator, that won’t be like Him, Ta Baraka Wa Ta’ala, Blessed and High is He.
Whatever you might imagine about Him, that won’t be like Him, Ajja Wa Jallah!
You can’t think what is He, Subhanaha Wa Ta’ala, The Most Perfect, the High, looks like.
You can’t imagine what is He, Rabbul Arshil Azeem, the Rabb of the Mighty Throne, looks like.
You are not given the ability to think that.
You’re not given the freedom to imagine that.
SubhanAllah! How amazing is Allah!

What do you understand from this?
It’s mathematics, it’s Simple Math!

Who can restrict you from something?
Only the one who is in control, who is in Authority.
Then, who restricts you from thinking about Him?
Then, who restricts you of imagination about Him?
Allah! Al-Qaabid, the withholder, the Restricter.

Therefore, the knowledge you have is from Allah.
The authority of knowledge belongs to Allah.
Therefore, the Imagination you have is from Allah.
The authority of the imagination you have belongs to Allah.
That’s what it means by ‘Wa Lam Yakun Llahu Kufuann Ahad’, ‘Nothing is equivalent to Him’.
It’s Simple Math.

and this is finally confirmed by a Hadith narrated from Rasululullah Sallillahu Alaihi Wa Sallam!

Musa (Moses) asked Allah:
“(Which is) the highest of their (inhabitants of Paradise) ranks?”
He (Allah) said:
“They are those whom I choose.
I establish their honour with My own hand
and then set a seal over it (and they would be blessed with Bounties)
which no eye has seen,
no ear has heard,
and no human mind has perceived”

And again, this is also substantiated by the Book of Allah, Exalted and Great:

” So, no soul knows what delight of the eye is hidden for them; a reward for what they did”
(Al-Quran 32:17)

And Allah knows best.
May Allah give us beneficial knowledge.

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