Understanding the Quran – The Significance of the Words of the magnificent Creator!

Bismillah! Al-Hamdulillah!

Did Allah say that He created stars for navigation?

“And it is He who placed for you the stars that you may be guided by them through the darknesses of the land and sea. We have detailed the signs for a people who know.” (Al Quran 6:97)

Can you not understand and navigate when you look at the stars with your bare eyes?
Did the fisherman and boatmen use their naked eyes to understand the stars to use as navigation?
Did they have to research the stars to know how the navigation work?
Had those people have any idea whatsoever about the stars that we know today?
Yet they derived the benefit straight away from the Quran by merely understanding the text of the Quran.
They didn’t have to be a researcher on the Quran to benefit themselves from the Quran.
That’s how simple Allah’s words are.
That’s how it goes, “I made it easy for you to understand”

But the Ulema who made you to blindly follow them made it opposite, that you cannot understand the Quran.
That’s how they took you out of the Quran.

When scientists want to research on one particular star, how many scientists they employ in the work on that project? And for how long?
Then how many stars are only in our galaxy, let alone the entire known universe? Billions?
When scientists research on a particular species, how do they do it?
They employ a team of scientists, a research unit to work on a particular species or plants.
Then how many billion Insects, animals are there?

Now think of it. An amazing Creator who created billions of stars, billions of species, billions of plants of which each of those needs a team of scientists to work on, then that amazing Creator sent a message to you, what grandeur you can think of that message? What is enough to describe that message?

How did Allah, Al-Khaliq create His creations?
By saying only one word, ‘Kun’. (Al-Quran 36:82)
Do you understand the power of just only one word?
Now imagine the power of one word.
This amazing universe is the result of just one word.
Subhanallah! SubhanAllahil Adeem.

And then how many Ayat in the Kalamullah, in the Word of Allah, in Al-Quran?
600 plus. Each Ayah of the Quran is more grandeur and more amazing than a star.
Just as a layman can understand whatever he can by only looking at a star, so is the Quran, any layman can understand something from reading just only translation of the Quran. That’s how it stands for, “I made it easy”
And then, just as a critical mind can research on a star and derive amazing facts from it, so is the Quran for him who employs his critical mind in it to derive amazing benefits from it In Shaa Allah, BiIznillah. (Of course with the correct intention and not going to interpret the ‘Mutashabihat’.)

So, what are you doing, O believer of the Quran?
How did you take this Quran?

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