Understanding the Quran – Dignity in your actions

Bismillah! Al Hamdulillah!

What makes a person dignified?
How a person earns honor and respect?
Why do you respect a personality?
It is because whatever a person does make sense,
It is because whatever he does goes with his intellect.

You know, every action of a person of honor and self-respect has to resonate to his personality, to his intellect and to his dignity.
You would never find a dignified person doing something that won’t go with his personality.

Does it make sense that a scientist sends rocket to space using his intellect
but when it comes to the matter of the creator of this precisely balanced universe, that he believes in, which puts him in awe, he doesn’t use that intellect anymore?
Does it make sense that a scientist amazed by the magnificence of the universe
but when it comes to the matter of the creator of that universe, he clearly shuts off his intellect?
He stands in front of a stone, prays to the stone and thinks the stone as a spiritual medium between him and his creator, his ‘God’.
It doesn’t make sense in human comprehension!
He understands this amazing universe using his intellect but when it comes to the creator of that amazing universe, it’s horrible!

Then come to an another scenario.
Think of a person most dignified to you.
Everything he does or involves him makes sense!
But the same person when stands behind an Imam at Fajr, Magrib and Eesha prayers,
he listens to what imam recites but he doesn’t understand it, he becomes a dumb,
as if he doesn’t have the organ which has the ability to hear,
as if he doesn’t have the organ which has the ability to reason.
He has no idea what he is listening to.
He puts down himself lower to such a humiliating level.

Imagine the scenario,
a person stands so obediently and shows so much mindfulness to something he is listening to.
Then you go and ask him, what is that you have been so engrossed in?
But in your utter surprise you find that he doesn’t know what he is listening to.
Surely you would be lost finding words to describe this shamelessness.
This act doesn’t go with his dignity.
He involves himself in something he even does not have idea what it is!

How come such a respectable person become so stupid when it comes to the matter about the creator he believes in?
What do you call such a person?
Stupid! Ignorant (Jaheel)!
And where in the earth you would fit in this stupidity?
How do you measure this stupidity?

Its only when you understand there is something called shaitan.
By Allah, you can’t find any one or any other way to describe this mass senselessness except you attribute it to shaitan.
Allah is truth.
Jahannam is truth.
shaitan is truth.
This cursed shaitan threatened Allah Subhanahu that he will send all sons of Adam to Jahannam except a few.
And his most infamous weapon is to keep you away from the Quran.

What was I, myself? The same one. Ignorant! Stupid!
The day i realised this, it shaped me as a Muslim.
You have to understand your dignity.
You have to live by your dignity.
And I am trying it everyday, path is long
And your Rabb loves small but consistent steps.
Do it for your own dignity.
Do it to save yourself from shamelessness.
Do it for the love of your Rabb, who created you.

And He, Ar-Rahman, the Most Merciful created you in the best mold with highest dignity. (95:4)
But He, also threatened you that He will make you the lowest of the low and warned you of severe punishment (95:5).
(May Allah save us from that situation)
So live by the dignity in this life and live by the dignity in the next life.
And you can understand now that without understanding Quran you can’t live by your dignity in this life nor you will find dignity in the Day of Judgement.

And your prophet, Rasulullah Salla Allahu alaihi wa sallam will complain to your Rabb, that “O my Rabb, this my nation has abandoned the Quran” (25:30).
And when your Rasul complains about you, what happens! You know it!
So, take a break, think. Do you really believe Jahannam is true?
If you really believe Jahannam is true then save yourself from that.

May Allah save us from shaitan.
May Allah save us from Jahannam.
May Allah guide us.

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