Understanding the Quran – Approach the Quran according to your level

Bismillah! Al Hamdulillah!!


Allah, Ar- Rahman, taught the Quran to human (Al-Quran 55:1-2)
Rasulullah Salla Allahu alaihi wa sallam also taught Quran to his companions. (Sura Jumua 62:2).
Quran is revealed for all human beings as their guidelines. (Al Quran 2:185)
Quran was recommended to recite at Fajr. (Al-Quran 17:78)
Allah commanded people to read it and contemplate on it. (Al Quran 38:29)
Meaning a person has to continuously repeat reciting Quran in his entire life.


Are all Human of equal intellect?
How a good teacher teaches students?
How do you teach people of different intellect?
You group them according to their level, right?
You set the course according to the level of intellect, isn’t it?
Do you teach the same standard of books to all level of people? You don’t.
You design different course curriculum and course books for the same subjects and same topic according to the level of intellect.
For example, if you have to teach about CELL to different levels of students, how do you teach them?
You develop separate curriculum and separate course books for different levels such as year 5, year 12, college students and so on.

Does the Quran have such things?
Does the Quran have an arrangement for the different intellect of people to start according to their levels?
It is just one curriculum for all grades
It is Just one book for all levels.
Not sorted for different intellects.
Then how do all levels of intellectually different people approach the same book?
Where do they start from?
How would they start?

Contemplate on the Quran according to your level:

How do different individuals with varied intellectual levels would start learning the Quran?
Whatever intellect you possess, you have a level.
And when you first start reading the Quran applying the Critical Reasoning method, that would be your primary level.
You have to consider yourself at the primary level.
May be your intellect goes with year 5 standard to start with. Yet that’s your primary level.
Or even your intellect goes with year 12, yet you have to consider it as your primary level.

Now, how do you measure your standard?
How do you measure yourself, in which level you belong to?
It’s how much you understand or how depth you understand is how your level measured.
A lower level won’t be able to understand a lot of things. A higher level would have difficulty in fewer things.

Your Primary Level:

So, you start reading following the Critical Reasoning checklist.
And you finish the entire Quran while remaining in your primary level.
And whatever you understood easily that’s your level.
And things that you didn’t understand is not meant for your level.
You have to increase to the next level to understand those things.
Do not stress something which you do not understand in your current level.

How do you step to the next level?

Your effort:

Once you finish the entire Quran in this method, consider yourself that you now finished a primary level.
Now, step to the next level by start reading the Quran again using the same Critical Reasoning approach.

Help from Allah:

And how do you increase or what would make you to increase?
It’s in the hand and will of your Rabb.
And what’s His ways of DOING it?
When you are ON what you understood and learned, meaning how you implemented of what you understood is when your Rabb take you to the next level In Shaa Allah.

You know it, ‘Knowledge is the Noor (light) from Allah’.
Once you implement what you already learned, only then your Rabb will increase you in his Noor and you will be surprised realising the upgrade in yourself.
Suddenly you would notice something new from an Ayah which you had read before but you didn’t notice it.
And when that happens, In Shaa Allah, you would know, that’s your upgrade.
Your Rabb granted you the Noor from Him to take you to the next level. SubhanAllah!

May Allah make us of those who ponder in the verses of the Quran.
May Allah, Al Wahhab, increase us in beneficial knowledge from the Quran.
May Allah, Al Hadee, guide us.

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