Understanding Taghut – A new AUTHORITY

Bismillah! Al Hamdulillah!

Scenario 1: Legislation from a New Authority: Saudi – Cinema opened:

Cinema was banned in Saudi until the first Cinema is opened on April 18, 2018.
Cause:A new authority is established.

Scenario 2: Legislation from a New Authority: Saudi – Women’s Driving:

Saudi women were not allowed to drive until Saudi issued a statement lifting a ban for women’s driving on Sep 26, 2017.
Cause: A new authority is established.

Scenario 3: New Vision from a New Authority:

‘Husband’ and ‘wife’ were the term that a married couple used to identify themselves in the family.   But Victorian State Govt now discouraging govt. workers to use the term ‘Husband’ and ‘wife’ to describe marriage relation in the family.
Cause: A new authority is established.

Scenario 4: A New Shepherd – A Corrupt ‘Muslim’s dislikeness:

A story of a Jaleem , a corrupt ‘Muslim’ shaped by the Kuffar that I knew. His wife came to him with Hijab (though it was just a ‘as you like’ Hijab, not fully Allah’s prescribed Hijab), but this corrupt ‘Muslim’ discouraged his wife to remove this. Though he never even uttered from his mouth to remove that but she understood his discouragement, she understood ‘he doesn’t like it’, so she removed the Hijab. (May Allah have mercy on them, forgive them and Allah did guide him) 
Cause: A new authority came into her life. She gave importance to new authority.   

Scenario 5: A New Government:

When a new Prime Minister of political party runs a govt, it sets rules/legislation according to its ideology/philosophy/vision.And then when a new political party takes the office, it overturns many of the rules that the previous govt has set as it has different ideology and obviously it has the power to do so. Easy to understand scene.

Therefore, it is the AUTHORITY, the power, that can change the set laws.
And when that happens, it means, the new authority has REJECTED the old authority.
Now, what’s the relation between these two Rulers?
The new Ruler has overthrown the old Ruler.
The new King has rejected the authority of the old King.
The new Prime Minister has put down the old Prime Minister.

Allah, The ONLY Authority:

So, what do we call Allah’s Authority?
Ar-Rabb, Al-Ilaha.
Allah’s authority is, you worship Allah as the way He prescribed you to worship.
Allah’s authority is, you obey the Law set by Him, Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala. 
This is His authority being Ar-Rabb.
This is His authority being Al-Ilaha.

Taghut, who claims the authority which belongs to Allah:

Then what do you think if your father change the law of worship set by Allah Taa’la?
That would be overthrowing Allah, rejecting Allah, putting down Allah, superseding Allah, replacing Allah Ta’ala. Inn lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun. 
Indeed, your father did not put himself equal to Allah, he actually claimed the supremacy over Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala! Inn lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun.
So, your father didn’t do the Shirk, but it is you who actually did the Shirk by obeying your father in place of Allah, by making your father equal to Allah.
What is the one called who dies on Shirk?
Mushrik, isn’t it?
And then what is your father called?
He is called the father of the Mushrik.
In Quranic terms he is called Taghut.

Taghut, The governments, those who legislate against Allah’s Law:

Then what’s the age of marriage that Allah Ta’ala allowed?
When a person becomes adult.
When does a person becomes adult?
When he approach to puberty.
Does the law of your country allow you to give away your 13 years old daughter (when she already attended puberty) in marriage?
So, by making the law against Allah’s Law, where those people in the government put themselves into?
In the position of Ilaha.
What is Islam stands on?
La Ilaha Illa Allah.
So, what happens when you obey Allah with this Ilaha?
You become a Mushirk. Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajiun.
It’s Simple Math!

And Allah knows best.
And Allah said, most of the people believe in Allah with other Ilaha. (Al-Quran 12:106)
May Allah save us following and obeying other Ilaha. 

United Nations, The Head of Taghut

In what age, Allah opens the accounting of a person?
When a person becomes adult.
But what is the age set today for a person to be called as an adult?
18 years of old.
Who sets this law?
United Nations.
Then does United Nations replaces Allah’s authority?
What is the United Nations called then?
Therefore, your country is govern by which law?
The law of the head of the Taghut, United Nations.

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