7:9 Doing INJUSTICE with the QURAN will make your SCALE LIGHT and cause you to enter JAHANNAM!

The Ayah: 7:9


But those whose scales are light, they are the ones who have brought loss to themselves, because they did not do justice to Our verses.

Bengali – Tafsir Abu Bakr Zakaria

আর যাদের পাল্লা হালকা হবে,তারাই সে সব লোক , যারা নিজেদের ক্ষতি করেছে [১], যেহেতু তারা আমাদের আয়াতসমূহের প্রতি যুলুম করত।

[১] এখানে ক্ষতি বলতে কি তা বলা হয়নি। অন্য আয়াতে সেটা স্পষ্ট করে দেয়া হয়েছে। আল্লাহ বলেন, “আর যার পাল্লাসমূহ হালকা হবে, তার স্থান হবে হা-ওয়িয়াহ’, আর আপনাকে কিসে জানাবে সেটা কী? অত্যন্ত উত্তপ্ত আগুন” [সূরা আল-কারি’আহ: ৮-১১] আরও বলেন, “আর যাদের পাল্লা হালকা হবে তারাই নিজেদের ক্ষতি করেছে; তারা জাহান্নামে স্থায়ী হবে। আগুন তাদের মুখমণ্ডল দগ্ধ করবে এবং তারা সেখানে থাকবে বীভৎস চেহারায়” [সূরা আল-মুমিনুন: ১০৩-১০৪]

My Critical Reasoning:

What does justice mean?

Giving the due rights.

And then what does injustice (ZULUM) mean?

Not giving the due rights.

Therefore, What’s the due rights of the Quran?

Read it, Understand it, Contemplate it and Obey it.

And then what would be doing injustice with the Quran?

Not reading it
Not knowing the meaning of it
Not contemplating on it
Not obeying it

What’s the consequence of being UNJUST (ZULUM) with Quran?

 It will make the SCALE LIGHT on the Qiyamah

What’s the consequence of having the scale LIGHT?

Jahannam. (101: 8-11) (Aujubilah. May Allah save us from Jahannam, Ameen)

My Comments:

O my Muslim brothers, those who fear Allah, read the verse mindfully and CONTEMPLATE. This Ayah doesn’t exclusively mention in respect of Kuffars, that could make you feel relaxed that you don’t do the ZULUM with the Quran.

ZULUM is when a due right is not given to what is due to something or someone. So, ask yourself, are you giving due rights to each Ayah of the Quran being the believer in Quran? Or you just rest your understanding of the Quran to your Ulema who makes it like a juice for you?

Do you not understand brother, even reading a translation would not give you a proper understanding of the Quran? Read 10 translations of this Ayah, almost every translation has attributed this ZULUM to the kuffar’s only. What would that do to you? Make NO IMPACT on you at all! So you can easily skip the WARNING of this Ayah that could actually applicable to you too!

Or think in another way, can you absolutely come to a conclusion that this ZULUM with the Quran mention in the Ayah would not apply to you?

And Allah, the all knowledgeable, knows best. May Allah save us from being unjust (doing Zulum) with Quran. Ameen.

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