Time Line – The PHASES of your TEMPORARY Life

Phase 1: 0-4 years old: Baby

Ask about this phase to the people of all phases,
“What can you remember of your ‘baby’ phase?
Yes, a child of phase 2 can remember his home where he lived, he remembers surrounding streets, he recognizes the park he went to, The Masjid he went to, the shopping malls he went to, he can recognizes the car he rode onto, he can recognize few people he met that period. But could he be able to remember a year or a month or even a day? Not at all. May be he could only remember events of the day scatterdely.

Phase 2: 5-7 years old: Early Childhood

These are your best family days. Whatever you remember of those days your life, these are purely for your family. The memories which surrounded by your parents, siblings, grandparents. How much can you use those memories? They make you stop, don’t they? These memories make you speechless, isn’t it? They make you feel heavy, shelled in, breathless and finally you make a deep breath. These feeling are your own. Ah! life! What’s life!

Phase 3: 8-12 years old: Young Child

You remember a pretty good deal of it. That’s the childhood you go back always. That’s the time makes you nostalgic about your life. Whenever you think about your past days, these days appear to be gold mines. That’s when life was opening it’s door to you. The sweetness of friendships, the schools, the fear, the acceptance, the triumph, what not! The more you dig into the faded memory the more it appears vibrant to you and you nurse them so delicately. These days make you feel “Oh! what are those days!”, “Ah, is it possible to go back!” You hunt your imagination like in a recorded video to watch yourself in those days” Don’t you! Ah! Time! But can you call out a single day separately from those years! No! You can’t. That’s the reality!

Phase 4: 13-20 years old: Young Adult

That’s the butterfly time of your life, isn’t it? The best times! They didn’t know you became a Man long before (!) They accompanied you, watching over you, you have been under vigorous surveillance, undermined and humiliated in your entire life, isn’t it? And finally you got freedom to walk alone, choose your own and take your own decision. Ah! The color of a butterfly! That’s your days! The final days of your most happiest times before you get into the burden of life! Ah! Had those times been longer!

Phase 5: 21-30 years old: Matured Adult

You eye to the horizon. The sky is big, so is your aspiration. You are moving from stars to stars. Life offers its best, so you go for all that your heart desire, mind can grasp, you feel you’re fulfilled. So, you fly.You get all the colors, all that glitters. You want to claim what belongs to you. The world is yours. You feel like you’re ‘the king of the world’. Ah! What are those days! The best days of your’s, being human. The best times of your life. They seem to be the longest times of your life, but how long? How do you feel the length of those times? Ah! How short are those days! Ah! How quickly days are gone!

Phase 6: 31-40 years old: Fully Grown Adult

You claim your place in the world. The peak of your life. You touch the horizon you longed for. You decorate now your own world. You now relieve your full capacity. You mix the day and the night together. Though you already spent half of the life yet ridiculously you are worrying about your future! So you work like a donkey during the day and sleep like a corpse during the night. You work hard, pave your ground and build your palace, the house you might not get time to live by yourself! Ah! human! Then when that is secured you now lay your eyes on earning honor, status, prestige in the eyes of the society. You work for the fame. Pride is the thing that now takes over your dignity being human! Ah! human!

Phase 7: 41-60 years old: Declining Adult

Acceleration stopped. The velocity now you have is just a continuation of the running speed from your past days. Your life slowed down. Life took the toll from you. The declining started, you realized that in few years. Therefore, you want to claim from life what it is left yet. So, often you try to push few extra miles. But very soon over-running makes you exhausted and you understand the reality. The reality that it is what it is. That’s the limit of your life, whatever you attained. That’s the full of life. You experienced everything, you experienced every emotions that your human-self are made of.

Phase 8: 61-80 years old: Retirement

Downfall. Down to the bottom. Yet you feel the pride of your achievement. There’s nothing left in you except like a cattle who lays down and chew its stored food. But you vaguely appear to the society to be the most content person in life. You try to take the steps like ‘You made the mark’, ‘You are leaving a legacy’. In reality, In the inside, you know that you are gone. This life you spend in so much dearer and loving is near to an end.

This is your life, the phases of your temporary life.
Now, lets dissect those phases through a believer’s lens.

Now sit back and have a birds eye view over your life:

Your parents put their all effort in your Phase 2, 3 and 4 (aged 4-20).
And you did the same during Phase 4 and 5 (Aged 13-30).
Why? So that you will be well off during your some part of Phase 6, 7 and 8 (Aged 30-80) and whatever days you might live after your Phase 8.
And that’s all about PHASE 1 of the ETERNAL time line.
Little they think about your 7 other Phases of the ETERNAL timeline.
Simply put, this ridiculous madness is something that doesn’t fit in human comprehension.

Then, won’t you remind yourself of those who are gone?

Then think of those who died, whom you knew in each phases of your life.
Write their names.
Think your time with them.
And then think what they are doing now.

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