The WORST Fitnah – Declining YOUR ability to understand the Right and the Wrong

It is reported that Hudayfah radiAllahu anhu was asked, “What is the WORST Fitnah!”

He replied: “The Good and Evil presented to you and you do not know which of them to follow”

Source: Ibne Abu Shaybah. AL-Musannaf, Kitab Al-Fitan, article 38565

Critical Reasoning 1: What’re the Criteria to understand right and wrong?

What’s this hadith from a sahabi mean?

The ability to understand right and wrong would decline.

Isn’t that the case today?

Not really, it declined not in this generation but few generations before if you are to know the truth.

Who will give you certain knowledge about what is right and what is wrong?

Society? The ‘enlightened’ mind of society? No way! They will teach you right and wrong according to their perception, according to their time and according to their societal perspectives.

Science? No way! Science doesn’t bother about the values of the society, morality or humanity.

Then who or where you turn to understand what is right or what is wrong?

Only to the creator of men. He sets the law, He sets the criteria.

And you Muslim left Quran long back and you now judge by the criteria set by men. And the result? The obvious scenario, declining humanity to the level of insects that even a Muslim now has no capability to understand what is right and what is wrong.

And that’s a disaster, even though he has the FURQAN, (The Criterion to Judge right and wrong) (Quran 25:1)

May Allah guide the Muslims.

Critical Reasoning 2: What’s your status with Allah?

“When Allah WANTS GOOD for somebody He makes him understand the Deen” (Bukhari 69)

Isn’t knowledge comes from Allah?

Is knowledge a Noor (light) from Allah?

Is the ability to understand right or wrong is knowledge?

Is the ability to understand Halal and Haram is a knowledge?

So, what happens when someone (read YOU) cannot distinguish what is Halal and what is Haram in his daily earnings? (Just as an example)
>He was not given the knowledge.

So what’s his status with Allah?
>Allah doesn’t want good for him. Aujubillah.

May Allah make all Muslims to study and understand the deen of Allah.

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