The Status of the Ummah – The Settled Minds – And the ROOT of the Problems

FEARful are those who have knowledge:

AsSalamu Alaikum, How are you brother?
Al Hamdulillah! What about you?
Al Hamdulillah, A’ala kulli hal
Good to see you brother after long time.

Tell me something from which I can benefit myself.
What particular you want to know my brother?
Just anything that will increase me in knowledge, anything that will help me one step towards Jannah and keep me one step away from Jahannam.
SubhanAllah! That’s what Sahaba used to say to each other when they met.
They were so terrified and fearful of Allah’s punishment even though they were the most pious.

The Settled Minds:

And If they were terrified knowing the punishment in the Qabr for very minor things then what’s our situation?

We are submerged in Shirk, Kufr, Kuffar’s systems, Riba, Insurance, what not and yet we have been ‘happily living everafter’ knowing ‘Allah is forgiving’. La Hawla Wa La Quwata Illa Billah, Ya Allah guide us.

Do you look at the faces of the most pious Ebadh you can see in the Masjids?
SubhanAllah, they appear to be so much content of whatever Ebadah they are doing.
Rarely you will find a face that shows fear of Allah (Allah knows their heart) that you wish to go and ask “O My brother, tell me what’s there make you so fearful of Allah Tabaraka Wa Ta’ala.”

I can understand what you are saying. Rather, the one doing lot of services for Allah’s cause, whether a Khateeb, a Masjid builder, a Charity founder, a Dawah organiser, you will find they are the most content and fulfilling, as if they already achieved the PhD on the curriculum they were given (The Quran and the Hadith). Rather they master one or few aspects and they think Allah will forgive them for neglecting many others.

An Analogy of the Settled Minds:

Let me put an analogy of their situation.
It is as if they are in a ship which sails in a quite sea, it knows its destination, it sets its destination in an auto pilot mode, so no worries about being lost, no worries being hit by a hidden underwater mountain, nor by a iceberg, no tornedo, nor a hurricane on the radar, the sky is clear.
And then the crew of the ship doing their respective jobs dutifully, chef is cooking and serving the meal in time, It’s just a matter of time they will reach the destination.
Do you get the picture in your mind brother?

SubhanAllah! Exactly what it is. This is the mindset of the pious worshipers of Allah today.

But then Imagine yourself in a ship and you came to know the ship has lost its navigation, it doesn’t know its destination anymore, it is sailing in a underwater mountainous sea and a hurricane is on the horizon. Think it seriously, how would you find yourself in that condition?
Waiting on the dinning table for dinner, ordering your favorite dish to be served?
Rather, what signs would you clearly see in the faces of the people?
Isn’t that the situation we live in now?
Yet you won’t see an unsettled mind around to share your worries and relieve your breath.

The Fearless Worshipers:

SubhanAllah! Exactly! This is how it looks my brother.

And then you go and try to talk to a pious brother, frustrated and anguished,
“We put our children in the ‘Muslim’ schools and they are teaching them the Deen of Kuffar’s,”
“Our most pious women, our daughters are disobedient to us because they are shaped by the Kuffar’s philosophies from the schools and universities we send them.”
“Riba is what flowing into our blood”
“And we are forced to go to seek judgement to Taghut because we are overtaken by the system of Taghut”
“Do you think Allah will forgive us?”
“Are you feeling safe that you won’t have any punishment in Qabr?”
But you find he is settled in his mind, what he doing is what best he can do. ‘Allah do not burden a soul beyond its capability’.
You come back with more frustration!

Allahu Musta’an. You know, I put a question for these brothers, “O my brother, ‘Don’t you think Allah knows your heart?”

SubhanAllah. Serving Allah Tabaraka Wa Ta’ala within their comfort zone is what they have chosen but Allah, Ta’ala warned them to save themselves and their families from the punishment by ‘selling their lives, their wealth for the sake of Allah’.

And the worst of all is that their door is closed, they don’t want to listen nor they have time to listen to any other things, they will continue doing their kind of Islam they have been doing. They are content with the ‘Total Islam’ they are doing under the most knowledgeable scholars they follow.

And that’s the attitude of the pious ones today. Then what about the regular worshipers?

The ROOT of the problems :

So, tell me, What do you think the problem is? Why this has happened? What causes this locked minds?
Not thinking?
No, they think a lot!

Not reading Quran?
No! They read Quran a a lot.

Not reading Quran with understanding?
No! They read Quran with understanding, they read Tafseer too!

Then, I don’t know brother! I can’t figure out.

It is the ‘Ulema’ they follow, those who gave of them a ‘package’ for Jannah!
It is the ‘Ulema’ those who adjusted Islam in a World System set by the Kuffar.
It is the ‘Ulema’ those who made the World System set by the Kuffar acceptable to them.
It is the ‘Ulema’ those who made them to follow them blindly and they love that blindness so dearly.

Exactly! SubhanAllah! That’s what it is.

They even explain ‘RabbunaAllah, Summastakamu, ‘Istikam’ (steadfast on Deen) as to be steadfast in doing Nawfl ebadah. Constantly doing Nafl Ebadah is how they explain ‘Istikam on Deen’ SubhanAllah!

But they forget about the right of Allah as the Rabb on his slave while they give the right of Rabb to Taghut Govt., Taghut Ulema and they don’t talk about these issues.

SubhanAllah! Look at all these groups! I am talking about the pious Ebadh of Allah here. All of them read Quran, Most of them read Quran with understanding, most of them read Tafseer, most of them serve Islam in one way or another. They are filled in Eeman in their heart! They love Allah, their Rabb and they love Rasulullah Salla Allahu Alaihi Wa Sallam.

But do you know what the core problem is?

Tell me, what do you think could be the problem of this settled mind of the Ummah?

Allah knows best but I will tell you what I noticed.
Did you see sometimes a clear Ayah or a Hadith doesn’t impact them?
Did you see sometimes they follow the verdict of the Ulema over the clear instruction of the Quran and Hadith?

Exactly, yes!

That’s because sometimes they love their respective scholars more than Allah Subhanahu.
That’s because sometimes they love their scholars more than Rasulullah Salla Allahu alaihi wa sallam without they being noticing it,
That’s how sometimes they take their scholars as their Rabb.
Therefore, they go for voting because their Ulema, who they took as their Rabb, is preaching it.
Therefore, they go to Taghut to settle their affairs leaving any chance whatsoever to settle it by the Shariah. Going to Taghut for any petty dispute is an easy practice among Muslims. There’s no second thought. Only because their Ulema made Taghut acceptable to them.

And getting out of the ocean of Riba?
Don’t even raise this question. It has been made Halal by the Ulema even before your father’s generations.

And what about Insurance!
In Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajiun.

So, the root of the problems is,
the package from the Ulema,
depending on the Ulema blindly,
while they were warned about these ‘Ulema’,
those who are the worst living creature under the sky, those who will call from the gate of Jahannam.

May Allah Ajja Wa Jalla save us from those ‘Ulema’.
May Allah Ta Baraka Wa Ta’ala save Muslims from those ‘Ulema’
May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala guide those ‘Ulema’.

But how situation has reached to that level of blind following? Why each group of Muslims follow their Ulema so blindly?
In Shaa Allah, that’s for another day brother!

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