The Status of the Ummah – The Blocked Minds – An Analogy

The Blocked Minds: 

We claim to follow the same messenger that Sahaba used to follow.
We claim to follow same message that sahaba used to follow,
But how much our attitude has changed! 

We don’t want to take anything from others when it doesn’t go with what we have received from a particular type of scholars that we follow.  How much difficult it is now to receive and accept even a Ayah of the Quran because ‘my Scholars had never mentioned that’.

Can you imagine, an Ayah from Allah’s book, Al-Quran or a Hadith doesn’t impact a Muslim only because the scholars he has been following never had mentioned this. Did you notice it? 

Let me hug you my Brother,  I was never able to describe it as you did but I exactly thought the same. SubhanAllah how depth the blind following took its root, It’s unimaginable! Are these the attitude of a Muslim? 

SubhanAllah! How can I describe the situation?
How can I make you understand how depth the misguidance has taken its roots? 
SubhanAllah, you will find a Muslim listening to a scholar and engrossed in the topic and moved by the speech so much so that even tears flows in his eyes but when that scholar tells anything which doesn’t match with his already acquired knowledge, it doesn’t impact him. 
He doesn’t care even though something he is warned about consists of Shirk and Kufr nature. 

Only because the particular scholars he follows, those who gave him the ‘Total Islam’ and shaped his mind, never told him those things. And you know the traditional teaching, Five pillars of Islam and then this is Halal, that is Haram, this is Major Sin, that is Minor Sin, these are the Tasbeah, those are the occasional Ebadah, etc. That’s it. 

He is a good Ebaadh of Allah but his Islam comprises and revolves within what he has learned in his childhood and the types of the scholars he has been following. And he locked his mind with that. He is always around listening to scholars and attending Halaka but it’s all about reminder of the same issues in different ways by different grade of the same types of scholars he follows.

This is Islam for him. He has no worries whatsoever, he is living ‘happily ever after’ by doing the kind of Islam is has been doing for his entire life. He never thought, “Am I safe from the punishment of Qabr?” And if you remind him of something, if you push him to increase he says, “Islam is easy”, “Allah is forgiving”, “Why are you bring hardship on yourself?”, “Islam is about choosing the middle path, not to go to the extreme.”

SubhanAllah! And doesn’t he quote all the Ayat from the Quran when he says those phrases?

I know brother, These are the most pious Ebadh of Allah today, doing a ‘Total Islam’ as it was during the time when the world was under the Islamic Rein, a Muslim’s life was govern by the Islamic System while they have no idea that today the life of a Muslim is controlled entirely by the Kuffar’s Systems therefore, Shirk is running through his blood, Kufr is what he breathes in the air and an entire Kufr System is what running in his digestive system. Allahu Musta’an. Ya Rabb, help us. Ya Allah, guide us!


The Analogy of the Blocked Minds: The locked classrooms:

What’s the regular method of achieving knowledge today? 
It’s called ‘Education System’ which is designed in levels such as ‘Kindergarten’, ‘Primary School’, ‘High School’, ‘College’, ‘University’ And you earn the certificates according to those levels up to PhD, right?

And then finally you work/ implement your knowledge, skill and expertise in the industry, in the laboratory, correct? This is the regular process of knowledge and application of knowledge, Isn’t it?

But when it comes to the Deen with the goal of Jannah you will find people enter in a Kindergarten school where they supposed to study Deen for a year in that level and then progress to Primary School but surprisingly what they do is, they lock the door of the classroom and then they spend not 1 year, not 5 years, not 10 years but entire life in the Kindergarten level.!
La Hawla Wa La Quwata Illa Billah! Unbelievable! 

Thing is, it shouldn’t be a problem when someone is not ready for the next upgraded knowledge, he can continue learning in the level as long as he wants, that’s understandable! Of course! No body should have a say about that.

But the problem is that while they are in the Kindergarten level they think that they have obtained the PhD. La Hawla Wa La Quwata Illa Billah!
And thing doesn’t stay there, it gets worse when, with that Kindergarten knowledge they go to the people to preach ‘How to bring Entire Deen into our life’. La Hawla wa La Quwata Illa Billah!
(But I must mention few of these group’s deeds are of the PhD level such as Hijab, Following the most of the Sunnah, Observing Halal and Haram very strictly, sitting in the Masjid after Salat, etc)  

And do you think this happens to the Kindi Class Muslims? 
No! the same goes to all levels.
Few are in Class 5, means primary School, few are in the different classes in the High Schools, few are in the Colleges, few are in the universities in different years, even few are doing the PhD, the process is same. Even the ones working in the last phase, the industry, the laboratory, have the same mindset. 

Meanwhile few increase the level sometimes to the higher grades but ultimately caught up in 2/3 levels higher and again the same lock up doors. And these people are more confident on locking up themselves because they leave their mind to the more intellectual ones now who put their mind in a stronger lock then those in the lower levels. SubhanAllah! 

The problem of all these levels is that they don’t follow the Islam in its entirety though they think they know Islam entirely and now they are focusing on something they like or something they have skill on but actually, all these groups, from Kindi to PhD and the highest ones working in the industry, have a common problem that they hold one aspect of Islam tightly while neglecting many other important ones.

They do not bother about the other ones. Even if you remind them, it doesn’t impact them at all. They already settled about Islam and their way to Jannah for whatever they are doing. That’s it. Settled, locked and blocked in the level of class they are in.

SubhanAllah! Exactly this is what happening with the Ummah! I don’t know how more precisely can this be stated! But tell me, why this is happened? What’s the problem? What causes this locked minds?

That’s for another day brother In Shaa Allah.

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