SHIRK in obeying the Men-made law – A Simple Math

When you work for an Organisation, they give you a job description, right?
> Yes.

Is following those job descriptions is what deemed as working for the Org?
> Yes.

Why Allah created us?
> To worship Him.

But then did He gave us commands to follow?
> Yes.

Is following those Commands deemed as worshipping Allah?
> Yes.

Did Allah give you law to obey?
> Yes.

Are following Allah’s law is worshipping Allah?
> Yes.

Then isn’t following other’s law (instead of Allah’s law) means worshipping those authorities?
> Yes.

And when you worship others what deserves by Allah ONLY, what is that action called?
> You made someone equal to the position of Allah.

And what is that called?
> An act of SHIRK.

And the one who does the act, what is he called?

It’s a simple math.

Allah, Al-Khaliq, The Creator, created you to worship, that’s the purpose of your life.
Then all the thing he commanded us to do means worshipping Him. Then obeying His law is also means worshipping Him.

Therefore, when you obey Law from others, which goes against Allah’s Law, you worship that ‘others’
And that makes you a Mushrik.
It’s a simple math!

O Muslim, May Allah save you and me from dieing as Mushrik while you think you’re a Muslim

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