The ROOT of misguidance; Problem of incorrect Defining – Sunnah, the Nafl worship vs Sunnah, the Way of Life

Bismillah! Al Hamudlillah!

Muslims know that everything which Rasulullah Sala Allahu Alaihi Wa Sallam did himself but not commanded to do, as Sunnah.
So, as they take 2 Rakah of Nawfl Salat after Fajr as Sunnah,
they also take slaughtering the Qurbani by Rasulullah himself as Sunnah!

Therefore, they took the Sunnah of Salat al-Fajr as a must.
Imagine you see someone is not praying the Sunnah of the Fajr continuously.
The Musalli at the Masjid might even think, he is out of Islam, doesn’t belong to them.
By Allah, they would hate that brother so much for leaving such important Sunnah which might cause a Fitnah and make him to leave the Masjid.

But then, the same Musalli, would have no regard whatsoever for leaving the Sunnah of slaughtering the Qurbani by the own hand.
Only because they do Islam by blindly following their Ulema.
They know Islam only what their Ulema taught them.
They know the importance of an act of Islam by the classification of their Ulema as Fard, Wajib, Mustahab, this and that.

And think of the impact of leaving one Sunnah!
As that’s not the Sunnah of Ritual, that’s the Sunnah of the Way of Life.

You leave one Sunnah of the Way of Life, you change the mindset of the entire Ummah, you change the course of the entire Ummah.
Example, that slaughtering.
Imagine the impact this would have in the mindset on every adult of the Ummah who does Qurbani, they had to practice the slaughtering by their own hand.
That itself would have been a regular training for Jihad for the Ummah.
That itself would have set the mindset of Jihad in every regular Muslim’s mind of the Ummah.
Rather this Ummah has produced a nation of cowards.

Because, the Ulema you blindly follow, took the slaughtering in his own hand.
Because the Ulema, you blindly follow has left Jihad.
Because the Ulema who you took as your Rabb, has made Taghut acceptable to you.
Because the Ulema who you took as your Rabb, preaching you to go for voting.
Because the Ulema who you took as your Rabb, made Riba Halal for you.
On the other hand,
On the other hand, look at the picture, what the Hindu Kuffar has been training their kids in their worship places!

And Allah knows best.
May Allah Ta Baraka Wa Ta’ala guide muslims back to His Deen.

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