The Day, the Night and the Twilight

The Lawful is like the Day, the Unlawful is like the Night and the doubtful is like the Twilight

Is the day and night equal?
Is the one who sees and the one who’s blind equal?
Is the one who can hear and the one who’s deaf equal?
Is white and black equal?

Can you ever doubt a day to be as night?
Then how come many people aren’t able to distinguish between the day and the night?
They have eyes but they can’t see, they have hearing but they are deaf and they have brains but they do not use it.

Then what is it that makes them blind even though they have eyes?
Then what is it that makes them dumb even though they have hearing?
Then what is that makes them ‘lower than animals and insects’ even though they have enormous brains?

Are these questions resonating with you?
Then please keep reading the articles in which we will expose these ‘humans’ and the issues that are responsible for their status being ‘worst than cattle’

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