The COURAGE to break free

Calling for the CHANGE:

Not everyone breaks out.
Most people want to live by the condition they are put in. ‘Loving the comfort’ and the ‘fear of the uncertainty’ is what set their course of life.
But few want to break, they think “No! This is not what it supposed to be, the whole thing got wrong”

There are many conditions that people born in and they get used to it and live their best out of the conditions. They don’t want to take the hard line of change.

The condition could be:
Tyrannical rules, Military rules, Emperorship, Kingship etc. exist in many parts of the world.

Most people don’t bother about a few small problems in these conditions. They won’t like any change that could bring more problems than what is prevailing unless they are pushed to the wall or unless it becomes the matter of life and death. These people don’t like to hear about change, they even go talking against it. They fear everything; discomfort, humiliation, prosecution, torture, loss of life, loss of wealth, loss of family etc. And they live accepting corruption, injustice, falsehood surrounding their lives.

Many even don’t understand or bother about right or wrong.
Many don’t find any hope.
Many don’t think alternate also right.
Many can’t trust alternate.
Many have different plans.
But not all of these people are cowards though!
Therefore, very few consider ‘This is not Right’. “We need to act, we need to fix it, no matter what”.
So they call for a change.

But there could be a problem with this. You got the courage, but did you get the CAUSE right?

You can use this courage to ‘break-free’ for a wrong cause too, such as to fulfil your desire. Therefore, there must be a precondition to this courage. And what could be the precondition? It is the ability to understand the right and wrong, truth and falsehood.

The RIGHT Cause:

So, what are the RIGHT causes?
How do you understand what is right and what is wrong?
What is the criteria for understanding truth and falsehood?
And then who set the criteria of understanding the right and wrong in the first place?

Do the Institutes of Scientists set the criteria for good and evil?
Do the PhD research fellows in the University’s Research Institutes give you an understanding of what is right and what is wrong?
Does the ‘United Nation’s Commission on Human Rights’ give you the criteria for understanding Morality and Immorality?
Does the constitution of your country set the criteria to understand truth and falsehood?
Does society set the standard of right and wrong? Then could an ever-changing society be in a position to SET the criteria for right and wrong? Not at all. The society bends towards the collective corruption of men on earth.

The Human Limitations:

Human minds are bound to be manipulated by the behaviour of the masses. Most people think that “what most people do is right”. And the perception of morality change by time. Something which was right 50 years back becomes wrong in today’s society and vice versa.

Today, most people find the exposure of a women’s beauty and extramarital intimacy of men and women is acceptable and not only that the exposure of such intimacy also is acceptable, but these were totally opposite just a century before in civilized society anywhere in the world irrespective of any religious belief. Therefore, society cannot be in a position to set the moral standard for men. The entire human population could go wrong in things that cause corruption in human hearts.

Then, is the assembly of the human being could set the CRITERIA for right and wrong? Whoever knows how the UN works, would surely think otherwise.

Therefore, the final question you need to ask, do human really have the capability to set a moral course for humanity?

So, where would then you go to find the criteria of understanding right and wrong?

It is the constitution from the creator of Mankind (if you are so a Believer in a Creator) gives you the criteria of judging truth and falsehood.

The Driving Force:

What’s the driving FORCE of Courage:
And then who are these few?
What’s the mindset of these few?
How they get the courage?
Most importantly what’s the driving force of their courage?

It is the ability to understand the Morality and Immorality.
It is the ability to understand the Right and the Wrong.
It is the ability to understand the Truth and the Falsehood

And then
It is the IMPACT of right and wrong in their mind.
And then It is their LOVE for the Truth and HATRED for the falsehood.
It is their adherence to Enjoining Good and Forbidding Evil.
Thus they attain the courage to stand for the right and repel the wrong.

Are you among the few?

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