The Blind Following – Defining the Levels

Bismillah! Al-Hamdulillah!

Now you know the Upper Level of Blind Following.
But what is Lower Level?
What are the other Levels?
In fact, is there any other levels?

Yes, let me introduce you all the levels today:
Lowest Level
Lower Level
Upper Level
Top Level

The Lowest Level:

These are those who submerged in Shirk.
Their blind following put them in the ocean-deep of Shirk but they don’t care.
They love the blind following.
And you know them.
You can blow a heavy wind, if possible (!) and that wind could move a concrete but nothing will work with these blind followers.
You can’t make them at least blink their eyes to whatever disaster you might warn them with.
They worship shaitan/Taghut in the disguise of ‘Ulema’ but they believe they worship Allah.
How can you unwrap the hundreds of the layers of wrap of shaitan?
But only Allah wills.

The Lower Level:

The people of Bida’a.
One characteristic I observed with the people of Bida’a that they don’t stay in the same place, they keep inventing.
If not in every few years but every decade they invent something new, a new act of Bida’a.
SubhanAllah but you will be surprised to know that they open their eyes to their Muslim brothers but they keep the same eyes closed for Allah.
Blind following is so much sticky that they deny their own loved ones against the blind following of their scholars.
What you can do about them!
May Allah guide them.

The Upper Level:

You already know them.
They upgraded themselves from the Lower Level and become stronger Blind Follower.

The Top Level:

They are those who went up to the top in the ladder.
They are the ones sacrificing their lives, their families and their wealth for the sake of Allah.
Yet, the blind following is as such that they kill their brother who are in the same Top Level only because the matter of blind following is the real, it is really Blind.
This Blind following is as such that it takes the ‘Fear of Allah’ from the heart of this Top of Level of Ebadh of Allah and then, they speak against another Top Level Ebadh of Allah without thinking a least, ‘what if, what if I am wrong, then, my words will be treated as against the ‘Party of Allah’!
This Blind following is as such that they humiliate their own Top Level brother in such a way that it breaks your heart into pieces.
May Allah relieve them from the blind following.

May Allah save Ummah from the Blind Following.
May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala guide Muslims to the truth.
May Allah guide Muslims to the understanding of Deen
May Allah open for myself and for their heart to the understanding and contemplating on the Quran.

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