Study Deen – The reason Being Muslim

You are a Muslim. You claim yourself a Muslim. But for sure you know, you are Muslim because your family made you Muslim.
Do you wonder how could I say that?
Well then, let me ask you a few simple questions.

Who is called a Muadjin?
The one who does Adhan, right?

How does a person become a Musafeer?
When he takes a Safar, a journey, Isn’t it?

Therefore, what makes someone a Muslim?
When he does Islam, right?

Then, how did Islam has come into existence?
By the book revealed, Isn’t it?

Now, you tell me, is it the Book that made you a Muslim or your family? How did you become a Muslim?
Ask yourself, Is your Islam based on the book revealed or by the practices of the current time?

How do you expect a person from other religion would accept Islam today? By looking at the Muslims of today or by reading the Quran? Who can convince the truth about Islam, you or the Quran?

What if you would have born in a different time period, 200 years back, 500 years back, 1000 years back or 1300 years back? Can you imagine?
Are all these people in their respective time periods allowed or given permission to do Islam according to the practices of those times or by the practices set in the book?
What if you would have born in a different society, in a different religious family?

Do you now realise the difference between you, who was made Muslim inherently and the one who is Muslim because the book caused him to be a Muslim?
Do you now realise the difference between you, who is doing Islam according to what is practiced in the family, the society, the culture of your time and the one who does Islam by the book revealed?

Tell me, what do you know about the book?
And then tell me, how would you do Islam according to the book when you don’t know the book in the first place?

Are all these questions make any sense to you?
If you do, here are few programs planned for you to fit in your busy life style.
We are showing you ways as to how to approach the Quran and learn Deen using a least time amidst your busy life style.
Would you make time to read?

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