Seeking to Be Better – The essential TOOL: Building the CONFIDENCE

Who are those that Allah, Al-Hadi, offers the guidance to?
Guidance is for the one who seeks to be better.

Do You Want to Better Yourself?
“Would you be willing to PURIFY yourself?”
(Al-Quran 79:18)

SubhanAllah! Allah sent Musa alaihi wa Sallam to the worst criminal Firaun offering him guidance and instructed him to Ask Firaun, “Would you like to PURIFY yourself?”
What do you understand from that?
No matter who you are, what you are,
No matter what your past has been,
If you have just one characteristic, willingness to purify yourself,
seeking to be better yourself,
SubhanAllah, Allah’s guidance is for you!

And your Rabb will make things easy for you! Allahu Akbar!
What more you want to ease your affairs?
Isn’t the promise of Allah, The Most Exalted is enough for you to go for the better?
Allah Subhanahu says,


“And whoever believes in the best,
We will ease him toward ease.”
(Al-Quran 92:5-7)

And that’s the most important criteria to be successful.
The basic to be successful is to just achieve this character, SubhanAllah!
You see a better, get onto it! Straight away!
And Allah Says,
“And successful are those who purify themselves”
(Al-Quran 91:9)

But unfortunately, not everybody chooses to be better, most of the people do not choose to be better.
It’s only a few, actually, fewer than few that choose to be better.

Are you the one, when better is placed in front of you but you choose to ignore it?
Are you the one, when better is placed to you but it doesn’t impact you?
Are you the one, when better is placed to you but you choose to continue with your habit?
Are you the one, when better is placed to you but you choose to continue your forefather’s ways?
Then read those Ayat again and think of the price you might have to pay for not choosing the best.
And I ask Allah, the ONLY guide to open your heart for the better.

And if you are the one who seeks for the better,
Know that seeking to be better doesn’t happen easily,
It has a price.
Price to overcome the laziness
Price to overcome own habits
Price to overcome the forefather’s ways
Price to overcome the arrogance
And of course,
Price to have the courage to take yourself ‘out of the box’.

So, do you think you can pay those prices?
And if you think paying those prices is hard then what about the price that you need to pay for what comes next?
And even if you think you’re ready to pay those prices, you are not quite there yet.
Seeking to be better is not just that easy.
There’s a lot more to consider yourself a ‘seeker of the better’ than just paying those prices.
So, what more is there?
It’s your ability to understand better.
Do you understand the better?
Do you have the ability to understand the better?
What’s the point of offering you a better when you do not have the capability to understand the better?
And then how could you be able to understand the better if you do not have the confidence to understand the better?
and It’s a pity that you don’t have the confidence to understand the better.
It’s a pity that you never had a way to build your confidence to achieve the capability to understand the better.
Have you ever thought what is responsible for you not being able to have confidence in your ability?
It’s a process, a tradition, a system that in place.
A tradition that had been in practice for long.
A process which does not allow you to have confidence in your ability in the first place.
A systematic blockade that has been placed on your way for not letting you build your confidence.
A systemic way to make you a sheep, in order to make you a blind follower.
A process which successfully produced the outcome, “We don’t have the ‘Noor’/’akl’ to understand the Quran, it is for the Ulema”
A process that makes you utter the word against your Master, Allah, Al-Sayyid, while He says, “I made the Quran easy to understand”, “Do you not think?”
And when you say something that goes opposite to what Allah, Al-Haqq says, you make yourself not only equal (Other Ilaha, Taghut) to Allah, but you are going over the top of Allah Subhannahu, (Aujubillah)
And if you are saying this because that’s what you were taught then the one who taught you, he put himself in the position of OTHER Ilaha/Taghut by teaching you opposing to what Allah says. ANd then, in that case, you are placing that other ILAHA in the place of the ONLY Ilaha, Allah. And when you follow any OTHER ILAHA alongside Allah, you are doing a clear SHIRK. And Allah knows best. May Allah save you from that.
On the other hand, by uttering such statement, you are degrading your Master, Al-Sayyid, who says, He, Ar-Rahman, taught you the Quran.
It’s a disaster that you had this mindset. Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Raji’un.
But I don’t blame you, it is the process that should be held responsible for imprinting this mindset in you.
May Allah guide you and me. May Allah save you and me from this status.
But you still have the breath and Allah’s mercy is abundant.
So, ask Allah’s forgiveness, he is Al-Awfu’u, the ever forgiving.
And you can still choose to be better yourself.
Therefore, I invite you to seek to be better, to purify yourself.
I invite you to take the Quran.
Give it a different approach out of the traditional ways.
The approach is not to give you a different understanding of the Quran, that’s not my intention.
Rather I give you the tools to be self-confident towards building your ability to understand the Quran.
You will see it will blow your mind off.
You will see the knowledge, ‘Noor’ Allah, Al-Wahhab pour into your heart.
You will see how elevated it will make you feel understanding Allah’s word and contemplating on it.
And the elevation Allah Subhanahu kept for you in the hereafter is abundant In Shaa Allah.
And finally, you will find the confidence unto your dignity to understand deen.
And know that “If Allah wants good for somebody He makes him understand the Deen” (Sahih al-Bukhari 7312)
May Allah make you and me of those who seek for the better, understand the better, and accept the better and put the better in the act. Ameen.
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