Quran Study Program – LISTENING one Ayah repeatedly: Acquiring an Instant knowledge of the Quran.

Bismillah! Al Hamdulillah!

Engaging yourself with the Quran:

This is a program aimed to equip you slowly but steadily to build a solid foundation towards a primary understanding of the ENTIRE Quran while you spend no extra time nor you have to take any extra course out of your regular routine. It is hard to go to an institution and take a Quran course and stick to it regularly, isn’t it? That’s why we try to fit the education within your regular busy life schedule. You don’t have to make time for a class, nor you have to do any home work. So let’s see how can you do it. 

What’s the PROGRAM?

Just listening of an Ayah REPEATEDLY until you think you understood it, at least in the translation. I know you have already been listening lot of Quran and also listening to the meaning of it but you didn’t do it organisely, not mindfully, nor intensively emphasizing on each of the Arabic words and for sure you didn’t put your mind for understanding at your best, not having a serious goal in mind. But this time you will do it with a goal.

What’s the GOAL:

  1. Get to a PRIMARY understanding of the ENTIRE Quran.
  2. A quick and instant knowledge of the Quran at all the time. (as this program will keep you involve with the Quran all the year round) And that’s should be the standard of every Muslim, having a Instant knowledge of the Quran. A Muslim should, at any point of time, for anything or any event, be able to say, “This is in the Quran”, ” This is according to the Quran” or “This is not in the Quran”, ” This is not according to the Quran”
  3. Improve pronunciation in your recitation.

HOW do you do it?

  1. Put an Ayah on repetition. You can do it in either of two ways:
  2. (1A) Listen to one Ayah infinitely until you think you understood it, at least in the translation. When you finish, manually you can choose next.
  3. (1B) Alternatively you can put an Ayah to repeat for 3/5/7 times according to your ability and strength of understanding.
  4. The basic thing is, do not let an Ayah to pass except that you know about the Ayah, at least in the translation. If something you don’t understand now, do not stress it. It might be the reason that this Ayah is not intended for your current level of intellect and knowledge. In Shaa Allah, your Rabb will equip you with greater intellect when you step up to the next level.
  5. Also do not skip an Ayah even if you knew it, even if you already memorized it. Put your mind in it again. In Shaa Allah,  Bi-Iznillah, you might find something which you didn’t notice before.
  6. You can start from the bottom of the Sura to gain a direct benefit (since you recite mostly those Sura)
  7. Put your ear on Arabic words in order to distinguish each words, eventually this will benefit you in having more depth understanding towards learning Arabic.
  8. When you need to stop listening, stop on the translation, try your best not to stop while Arabic is being recited.

WHEN do you do it?

  1. You can do it on the way to and from work/home while walking, driving, on the bus or on the train using a headphone (not a small one which you have to push into the hole of your ear because you won’t keep it for long and also this causes harm to the ears. I used headset which covers full ears when i traveled by train or bus or while I drive I put the mobile speaker on). Please make your own arrangement. 
  2. Women, those who stay at home, can do it during cooking while you do not have to engage your mind in the cooking planing or organizing, choose the time when you do repetition work, as in a process work. Usually we do process work without engaging our mind in it)
  3. How long do you do it? As long as you can concentrate but at least do it daily between 5 to 15 minutes. 
  4. So, choose a regular time to do it according to your life style. I have been doing it while driving.


  1. Use the mobile App ‘Al-Quran Tafseer & By Word’ by ‘GreenTech’. (why? this app? Because simply, this is an ocean, which you will realise In Shaa Allah)
  2. Choose the Arabic recitation of Abdullah Basfar/Ibraheem Walk (When any better English reciter available we will In Shaa Allah chose that) As for Arabic, Abdullah Basfar is the best for learning correct recitation with Tajweed in a standard pace, not fast, not slow) 


  1. SubhanAllah, do it for few Surat, do it for a month, by Allah, you will notice it yourself! You will understand an instruction more clearly and it will impact you straight away, your acting on an instruction will be easier, In Shaa Allah!
  2. When you will finish the entire Quran in this way, imagine the impact, nothing about Quran will pass but you will know it In Shaa Allah.
  3. Whatever time it takes, even if it takes 2 years for you to finish the entire Quran, even you give the least time, say 5 minutes a day, imagine, after 2 years you will have a knowledge of the entire Quran In Shaa Allah. How many 2 years you’ve been Muslim but you know that you don’t know the entire Quran by your own eyes, by your own ears, by yourself, right?


Who will push you, remind you, motivate you to do it regularly? 
What could help you build a habit to do it regularly?
If you feel an urge to know “What’s in the Quran, really!”
If you feel an emptiness of not knowing the entire Quran by yourself.
If you feel desperate, “Did I miss anything”?

I ask Allah to accept our intention and make it easy for us to understand Quran, understand our Deen and implement it in our daily lives.

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